David Mamet MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

David Mamet MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?


David Mamet is known for his works like American Buffalo and Glengarry Glen Loss. He is an experienced author, playwright, film director and screenwriter. The notable highlights from his career are when he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and got Tony nominations. David decided to share his knowledge of dramatic writing with everyone who wants to learn from him, and to do this he used MasterClasss as a platform.

MasterClass offers pre-recorded video lessons taught by successful people from all walks of life accompanied by interactive assignments and workbooks. Through these assignments and workbooks, viewers get to work on what they are learning and interact with other people taking the same course online.

David Mamet's MasterClass

David is famous for his griping dialogues and dramatic writings. In a series of videos, David sits down and teaches you how to take ordinary moments in your life and create something extraordinary out of them.

He teaches his viewers the rules that he holds firm as a dramatic playwright and how to find your own voice and use it in your work.

Lesson Plan

David’s class consists of 26 lessons. In the introductory lesson, he talks about all the topics he’ll be covering in his class and what approach his pupils should take while going through his lessons.

In his early lessons, David emphasizes the importance of everyday life and that to write great drama one should be connected with his surroundings. He further talks about the different stages of drama and how it should be treated as entertainment and should not necessarily have a life lesson.

Moving forward in his lessons, David doesn’t forget to talk about the rules that a drama writer should keep in mind, and for this he takes help from Aristotle's Poetics. For him, there is no place for mindless musings in your plot. If something doesn’t fit in your plot, simply throw it away. Keep it tight and don’t forget to drive your narrative through your characters.

Later in his lessons, David talks about writing drama through a step-by-step process. All the ingredients that are necessary to create a griping drama include everything from story ideas and plot to characters and dialogues.

Access Pass

You can access David Mamet’s MasterClass through a single-access pass worth $90 as well as an all-access pass worth $180.

The single-access pass allows you to access only one MasterClass, while the all-access pass offers access to other instructors' classes as well.

Is it Worth it?

It is indeed a valid question and deserves an equally valid answer. $90 is a significant amount of money to spare when you are a struggling writer, so why shouldn’t you be hesitant to spend it?

David Mamet is an experienced drama writer, and if you want to learn from his experiences, then this class is a must for you. Where will you get an expert like David teach you how to excel in your drama writing? The overall benefits and knowledge you’ll get from this class are totally worth all the money you’ll spend on it.

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