KelbyOne Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 9, 2024

KelbyOne Review - Is It Worth It?

KelbyOne deserves every bit of the fame and glory being pushed at them. They’ve earned their place the top in the world of photography courses. This online learning platform specializes in photography and photoshop software. In short, it’s all about snapping and editing the perfect picture. They have thousands of videos to help you master the craft from A to Z. These courses are available 24/7 and are very immersive and enlightening.

Photography is an art and a profession that's becoming exceedingly in demand. Taking the perfect picture and giving it the perfect finishing touch is the difference between being an amateur and a pro. What makes a photo professional-looking? Just some minor tweaks and some decisions on part of the photographer. These are the areas that the site wishes to explore and in this article, we will assess the site's strengths and weaknesses.

What is KelbyOne?

With over 10,000 videos on a host of photography subjects ranging from landscape to sports to weddings to cute baby pictures. These resource materials are accentuated with the highly gifted and talented professionals who will ensure that you become a pro. Just as you subscribe to one of the two plans offered by the site, plus and pro, you'll get access to hundreds of courses. The pro mode offers more courses and additional features but at a higher price. Paying once for an annual subscription saves you a substantial percentage of money.

KelbyOne simulates a classroom environment for its students to put them at ease. They also have support features such as an FAQ section, a blog, and customer contact support. They have also added value to their programs by partnering with leading companies like Adobe, renowned for its photoshop software.

Though their prices are a bit high, they do excel rival companies in quality. The site is goal-oriented and will allow you to learn and master the craft with immersive courses. Photography is an art that seldomly crosses the professional barrier without proper training. Knowing how and when to use the flash, how to select backgrounds, and how to choose the perfect angle, are all vital for excelling at the craft.

The site offers 10,000 intriguing videos on every aspect of photography. Customer reviews have been mostly very positive and this alone is enough to suggest that their courses offer value. The website does not offer live interaction sessions or any certification for completion, but the value of the skill supersedes all.


The site has several advantages, they include:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of learning videos, designed to help you become a pro.
  • The site has a great deal of transparency, so that you always know what you’re getting into.
  • There are two different tiers to choose from: plus and pro, the latter one offers substantially more.
  • The website has some of the most talented people from this profession.
  • You can always use assistance from the support staff to allow you to maximize the learning experience.


The website also lags in some areas:

  • The pricing is a bit high, although the site does make up for it with excellent quality.
  • They don’t offer a free trial to help you make an informed choice.
  • There have been some issues with the billing and delivery, but the site constantly strives to resolve these problems.
  • Their mobile apps have some problems.

Key Pages to View

The site has a lot to offer, after taking a look at the homepage, explore the website further. The first stop should be the courses page, where you can browse through hundreds of curated courses customized just for you. Then you can take a look at the experts working with the site, followed by the pricing options. You can seek assistance from the FAQ section and the contact us pages in case of any confusion.


The site is an excellent option for those seeking to excel at photography. The website is tailored perfectly for people seeking to master the craft. It is a bit pricey though and lacks live sessions but makes up for it with the huge variety of curated content. If you want to become a professional photographer, the site is for you.

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