Pimsleur Review

Jeremy Kallowitz
May 21, 2024

Pimsleur Review

Learning a language can be immense fun. Not only can it benefit you in your career and education but it can give your brain great exercise and keep the wheels moving. A while ago, to learn a language, you would have to enroll in a school and attend classes and pay so much money but now, you can learn a language while moving around in your house thanks to amazing platforms like Pimsleur.

At the speed the world is progressing, learning a language is now at your fingertips. Read on as we give a detailed review of Pimsleur.


What is Pimsleur

Brought to the scene thanks to Dr. Paul Pimsleur, the language learning platform is owned by the famous publishers Simon and Schuster. Pimsleur is a top-notch audio-based learning program that you can access via its app or on the web. There are various languages available and you can learn at your own pace and time however the program encourages you to finish at least one lesson in a day for optimal progress and learning. While the major content is audio, all the lessons come with flashcards, games, and more to get you going strong in the vocabulary.

Languages it Offers

The program is a well-developed one and offers you a lot. Pimsleur offers 59 languages along with over 200 courses that also cover various dialects for further learning. If you want further details on the languages offered then you can drop by the Pimsleur website to find out more.

How Pimsleur Works

It is tricky for language learning platforms to not only offer the best services but also make it easy for everyone to come and learn but Pimsleur finds the right balance.

As you turn the app on, a message by Dr. Pimsleur welcomes you and states the golden rules that instruct you to respond loudly, no notes taking or looking up stuff during lessons, and lastly to finish one lesson every day. Pimsleur claims that if you stick by these fundamentals then you will grasp the language in no time. The program’s goal is to help you pick up whatever language you wish to learn through narratives and conversations as that is the quickest way to get some understanding of a new language.

The System

Pimsleur works by understanding the sound system of a language, and it blends the latest and old vocabulary in every lesson so the learner can have plenty of chance for absorbing what they learned. The best way to explain the working of Pimsleur is that it is much like experiencing a learning tape that allows minimal digital interaction. One could even complete a whole program without even needing to look at their screen.

Nevertheless, as per one of the golden rules of the program, Pimsleur is still highly interactive and developed for you to respond loudly and speak along with ongoing conversation and fill in the vocabulary as you respond to all the conversational prompts. While the whole system does seem a little old-fashioned, it works and has helped many people learn new languages.

The Cost

Pimsleur proffers a 7-day trial for free and also a pricing scheme. But if you would love a monthly fee then you can go for the Pimsleur subscription, which amounts to $14.95/month.


As learning platforms become all the rage, language learning is high in demand and Pimsleur is bringing its services to the table. If you are interested in this app then we hope this review tells you all and you can proceed with your language learning journey.

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