Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree Review

By Jeremy Kallowitz | Course Provider Reviews

Jan 21

If you have ever considered delving into full stack JavaScript, there are a couple of different options for you. However, for the most part you’ve been pointed towards a few different sources. There’s always that pesky friend or professor that’ll swear by a certain book or course. But the common thread among all of them is they seem to recommend the Udacity Full Stack Nanodegreee course. And so many people pick it up based on these recommendations alone, but does it really live up to the hype? I had similar doubts too. This is why I’ve done a decent Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree review so you don’t have to go do all the hard work.

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At First Glance

As soon as you open the Udacity Full Stack course page, you’re greeted with well-designed layout enticing you in. It starts off by listing what the course offers, and then goes into why this course would be beneficial for you. Some statistics are thrown around here and there and at the end you’re greeted by reviews and testimonials. There aren’t too many details of just exactly what the course offers. There are just brief points on what the course can help you out with it. To the average person, there’s no way to accurately gauge if the course can live up to its promise on the webpage alone. This is why so many people like myself have to turn to a Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree review.

The course occurs several times throughout the year, but you have to join in before enrollments close. The course itself lasts a modest 4 months which should be plenty of time to get well versed. The cost is a bit steep at an even $1000; this in itself is enough incentive to read up on some Udacity full stack developer nanodegree reviews. It’s important to note here that I didn’t find any specific information on any hidden or cancellation charges.

Signing Up

So after I had paid the signup fee, I was greeted with a countdown to when the course session would begin. Once it started, I was learning new concepts and being tested on my abilities. The process was fairly straightforward and things kept going at a steady pace. I received weekly updates of my progress and the next steps to accomplish.

The Course

This wouldn’t be a fully-fledged Udacity Full Stack Nanodegree review if I didn’t actually review the contents. The course started with programming basics like Python, HTML, and CSS. These were meant as refresher more than anything. It’s definitely recommended that you have a fair bit of knowledge about them before you dive into this course. After that the actual course started away focusing on back end, front end, deploying servers, and getting familiar with the tools.

These parts followed one after the other in timely fashion. You were expected to be well versed in the topics at the end. If you lagged behind, the course would continue with or without you, leaving you in the dust. This made it a little hard for me when I was preoccupied with other things in my life.

Every part was accompanied by projects that we had to complete. These included things like creating item catalogs, server configurations, portfolio sites, and many other things. These were designed to test out ability of applying the concepts we had grasped along the way. While some were challenging and fun to complete, others were simply too infuriating and didn’t factor in a majority of the course material.

Why I Wouldn’t Recommend Udacity Full Stack to You

If you’ve read my thoughts on the course, you probably think I found it helpful. And to a certain degree I did, but I simply cannot recommend this course to anyone as is. While there’s good material to be found here, it simply does not live up to its $1000 price tag when there are other alternatives available.

Instead, what I would recommend is the Treehouse Full Stack Java course. This is one of the most comprehensive JavaScript courses I have been able to find, and it definitely gives Udacity a run for its money. It might not have the singing praises that Udacity carries but once I showed this to my colleagues and professors they were unanimously impressed.

The course has enough material to cover a span of 53 hours. If done right, you should be able to finish it within a couple of weeks. The best part about this course is there’s no rush to follow through to the next step. Everything is provided to you to finish at your own pace. You can finish it as quickly or as slowly as you want.

The great thing about this course is that it follows very comprehensive learning material. You don’t have to go around looking for supplementary material like with other courses. Everything this course gives you is enough to get started without wasting your time, effort, or resources. The course follows a pattern with an easy to grasp learning curve. It slowly and steadily introduces core concepts and then adds something to build off it.

Udacity is fairly basic in comparison, I would say it’s fine for getting your feet wet but even then it’s not worth the money. Having used both firsthand, I can tell you the difference of experience is night and day between these two services. If you know someone that has found some use from Udacity’s course, more power to them. But if you seriously want to consider getting full stack down the right way, then I honestly can’t think of a better option than Treehouse.

But you don’t have to put all your trust in me to make your decisions. As of now, Treehouse offers a free trial for its Tech House degree. Be sure to sign up and experience the service for yourself. I think you’ll find it’ll definitely be worth as much of your time as it was mine.

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