4 Business Applications of Machine Learning and Al

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 28, 2024

4 Business Applications of Machine Learning and Al

Machine learning and Al has become increasingly accessible to many businesses due to the increasing availability of flexible and affordable computing power. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is now more than easier to learn thanks to sites like Pluralsight and Egghead.

There is no doubt that learning best AI and ML practices is not an easy task and it can take you a lot of time as well. However, you can always start learning from the basics and work your way up with the help of online education companies such as egghead and Pluralsight.

ML and AI are making their mark in the business industry. Leading business services are making use of these technologies these days for several reasons.

Let's look at some examples of real applications of ML and AI in businesses

1. Recruiting Automation

With joblessness at recorded lows, enrollment of qualified laborers stays one of the most difficult tasks. By using recruiting automation, several businesses can discover potential candidates who might not have made to the top list before, because they didn't surface in the first place.

2. Cybersecurity Defense

As compared to conventional safety efforts, these days Al and ML is helping businesses with cybersecurity defense. The AI system is capable of analyzing network packets and mapping out what is typical traffic. The AI is much more reliable than AV data and firewall rules in that it works automatically without earlier signature learning to discover peculiarities.

3. High-Frequency Trading

Algorithmic trading that occurs at fast speed past human capacity has offered to ascend to high frequency exchanging – that is a huge number of exchanges and trades that occur every day executed by complex calculations that break down numerous market factors to execute requests dependent on economic situations.

Automated trading platforms and algorithms are leveraged by hedge funds and investment funds.

These can follow different financial markets to execute huge requests. It makes it possible for these big players to profit by minute price differences, which may only exist for a small amount of time through the help of algorithms.

4. Online customer support

These days many online business websites feature a chat section where you can connect and get your inquiries answered by a sales representative or customer support representative. Most of the times, it is some sort of artificial intelligence that is used to carry out these conversations since chatbots can understand natural language (human conversation). These can promptly help answer questions of clients, extracting data from the site, and guiding them to the suitable site page or a person for further help.


When it comes to learning AI and ML algorithms and techniques, one might be confused about which platform to choose: Egghead vs Pluralsight.

Both these websites offer several video training courses from professionals in this field. While egghead can be great for beginners, Pluralsight, however, is the best option for you if you want a complete grip on these topics. This is because the videos on this website are short, to the point and easy to understand. Since you get to advance your skills greatly on Pluralsight, you know your investment will reap huge returns.


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