About Us

Hi! My name is Jeremy Kallowitz and I'm passionate about online education. I believe that the future is in educating ourselves using online resources. Using online education we can provide education to people all over the world for a very affordable price.

These days, their is a wealth of information available on the internet for free and for a fee.

On this website, I provide experiences from my own journey with self education as well as the experiences of other people. I am looking to inspire and help others become their own best version of themselves.

You can find comparisons between different online courses available in our course wars section. And you can find individual reviews of specific online course websites as well as actual online courses. I try my very best to provide an honest and unbiased opinion on every platform that I review and I make sure to not only include my own personal views, but where possible I include the views of others so that there is a varied and complete opinion available on the subject.