How to Find the Right Career Path for You?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 21, 2024

How to Find the Right Career Path for You?


We have all been there. Feeling out of place and lost, not sure where you are headed and what direction to take when it comes to your career path.

Let’s discuss how to find the right career path for you and we will tell you some ways that can help you make a decision.

Career Aptitude Tests

When indecisive about choosing the right career, career aptitude tests have been known to guide many people in finding their right career path. You can think of choosing your career much like a puzzle.

You fit different pieces and components of your interests, capabilities and aptitudes to create a nice little picture that shows you what path you can pursue. An aptitude test can help you get a glimpse of who you can be as a competent professional.

Think of different factors like your natural talents, personality, lifestyle, existing skills and interests. This can be hard to understand on your own and that's why a career test can help give you some semblance of direction and guidance.

Career tests help you smoothly sift through all the distracting noise and endless options and uncover your actual traits and talents. Everyone has different thoughts and opinions. What works perfectly for one person could be an absolute nightmare for the other.

Therefore, such tests can help you see how you can fare in an objective light and then you can make more informed and suitable decisions about what career path you wish to pursue.

Such tests can analyze various elements of your personality like your cognitive abilities and then utilize this data for measuring your suitability for different working environments and roles.

Identifying What Interests You

Sure career tests can help however they are not the final answer. Sometimes the simplest questions can bring the biggest solutions. What career path to choose can also depend on what matters most to you. Is there something that specifically interests you and occupies your mind?

Maybe it can be a hobby that can turn into a career. When we are young, we come up with such finality that ‘when I grow up I want to be this or that.’ While we grow and realize our interests may change, when something sticks with you, know that you could always pursue that as a career.

Oftentimes, different things can inspire us and we end up realizing we have a great talent for them. So it is all about deeply seeking your interests and if you are inclined towards pursuing those interests as a career.

Assess Your Skills

It is said that when you are good at something, don’t do it for free. Now that is something you can apply to your life as well in deciding on a career.

What do you think is your strong skill? Are you good at communicating like a leader and presenting like a professor? Do you have the special persuading abilities that many people seek in a salesperson? Are you exceptional at a certain skill or do you have that next level of critical and sequential thinking for that complex and technological world? Can you take charge and work under pressure?

You can ask yourself these questions and this can let you know what your strongest suits are and if they are marketable skills that will help in choosing your career.

What Values You Seek

Oftentimes people want to seek value in their work rather than big bills. You can also take that aspect and ask yourself if you’d like to pursue something with more value. For instance, being a doctor or nurse can bring you a deeply satisfying life where you help your patients day and night however your hours can be very unpredictable and long.

You have to look at things through different aspects and ask yourself how much you are willing to commit. Similarly, you could opt to become your own boss if you don’t wish to work every day under supervision or answer to higher authorities. However, that can also come with aspects like unstable income. So you see, it all depends on what you seek. What is the ultimate goal?


We understand choosing the right career is a tad tricky. However whatever the choice, you must ensure you choose a career which can align with your expectations and values.

We are confident this guide will give you a little bit of direction in where to look for answers when asking yourself about the right career path.


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