How To Learn JavaScript Fast?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 26, 2024

How To Learn JavaScript Fast?

JavaScript has evolved over the years, and the JavaScript we learn and code today is much different than what was released initially. If you are new to web development and design, you will realize the importance of learning JavaScript sooner or later.

You must have heard the proverb “Slow and steady wins the race”. Well that’s actually true when it comes to learning programming languages. Here’s how to learn JavaScript faster while keeping the pace slow:

Sometimes, Google doesn’t help

When you are new into leaning JavaScript like any other programming language, you need to know that even Google doesn’t help. Even if it does at the moment, it does not in the long run.

As a beginner, you might find it tricky and easier to solve a problem by browsing various boards and forums and eventually come to the solution by pasting, running, discarding…

It might help you initially but you do not learn to code independently. So, take a proper channel to learn in order to not have problems at advanced levels.

Take a pragmatic approach

A pragmatic approach is the best idea to learn JavaScript faster. Starting off with listing down best sources and using them as per the difficulty level. When you spend good enough time on reading the basics and practicing them immediately, it helps grasp the concept faster.

Learn the basics first

It is really important to learn the basic to get your hands on the short projects and advanced projects later on. While there might seem no difference between two different variables while coding, there actually is.

For example, you should declare the variable with keyword var. You can even create a variable without using the keyword but then, you get a global variable. And in a particular program, that might not be what you actually want to create.

Start coding with short working projects

Small steps lead to bigger destinations. Same is the case with programming projects. As you learn JavaScript, you should start with short coding projects such as a simple calculator or a basic quiz game. This helps in mastering the skills in a better way.

Getting your hand on a big project during learning phase can put you in no-logic logic situations.

Use plain text for complex algorithms

While computing complex algorithms, you might miss the logic as the syntax gets complex. At times, it is difficult to even get your own logic once mixed up with syntax.

Therefore, it is better to use plain text so you do not miss on the actual logic.

Enroll into an online learning source

Online learning sources such as Pluralsight and Udacity are of great help.

Pluralsight has to offer various JavaScript learning courses with a free 10 day trial. Udacity is also a good learning source but has lesser rating than Pluralsight. Check it out here.

We recommend signing up for Pluralsight as it delivers what you pay for.

Beginnings are always hard but once you follow above-mentioned tips and advice, it becomes easier and you will be able to learn and master JavaScript better and faster.

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