How to Learn Python When You Have a Full-Time Job in Finance

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

How to Learn Python When You Have a Full-Time Job in Finance

The financial world and the world of coding are two different places. Both have different languages and understandings of how things work, but both require some form of synergy in an organization. Previously, a finance person was not required to know any sort of coding as that was primarily the job description of the developers. With new and improved methods and a change in the curriculum, the skillset of all individuals is being changed. Finance people no longer are kept separate from the entire scenario. They now play an active role as the majority of the time they had some form of work that required an understanding of coding. Wherever you may sit in a bank, you will realize that a knowledge of coding helps make things easier to comprehend. You can get reports done much faster along with editing codes on a financial website. The entire gap between developers and finance people has been eradicated as both merges to one. This helps reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the company. If you are still new to the idea of coding, you might want to start learning it soon. It is a valuable skillset to have as more and more of your competition looks towards practicing through the Python language. Here are a few valuable tips on how to learn Python fast so you can stay updated on everything.

Go to Workshops

Companies train their employees through several workshops throughout the year. These workshops are research-based and are held to sharpen up the employee skillset and make them learn anything new that might be hot in the market. If your company is not keeping one related to Python, you can always suggest it to your manager and they will definitely look into it. They will benefit from it after all. Once they conduct a workshop, make sure to ask questions from the speaker. Take notes and learn as much as you can from the presentations and any practical exercises. The people who speak at workshops heavily specialize in their fields and are famous for their work. They create easier paths for other people to learn from their experience, which is more valuable than any YouTube video.

Take Online Courses

Several courses are available online at Pluralsight and these alternatives to Pluralsight that you can take to learn Python. It’s cheap and has all the requirements to make you an expert within months. It depends on how well you comprehend each lesson and your self-interest. The best part is you can take the lesson anywhere you want so long as you have an internet connection and a device to go with it.

Become an Apprentice

There must be someone in your office who will know the dos and don’ts of Python. They can prove to be great teachers if you ask them to be one. Becoming an apprentice is easy and gives you valuable insight into the workings of the new language you are going to learn. The understanding of a subject by a great teacher helps to make things easier for the apprentice.

Read Books

There are several books written about Python. These books help to provide additional knowledge and detailed insight into what the language is all about and how you can go about learning it. Books are a long-term commitment to learning the system. You can do it whenever you get spare time.


While it’s true not all finance people can get the basic concepts of Python as quickly as they wish, you need to truly commit to it. This means you must learn from bottom to the top and take every chance you get so you can learn from the best. Try to balance both your job and this learning process out and ultimately; you will be a great programmer.
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