The 5 Top Books to Learn Android Development in 2024

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 24, 2024

The 5 Top Books to Learn Android Development in 2024

Are you new to the world of Android app development? Want a better insight into some broad details in the coding spectrum of the world’s largest mobile platform? If you are a computer and coding geek, you are in the right place!

A lot of people prefer books over online courses and video tutorials, yes, even today! For all such people, such books are still available. No matter where you want to start, and which direction you want to head in, the following six books will give you ultimate guidelines on android development:

 1. Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials – Edition 8

Android Studio 3.0 development Essential is one of the best books written on Android development by Neil Smyth. It offers all-round instructions and guidelines for creating Android apps.

Coming with a lot of coding examples and descriptions, this book has everything to explain from architecture and design to database management, multimedia aspects, development environment and a strong Android knowledge base overall.

2. Android Development for Gifted Primates – A Beginner’s Guide

If you are a newbie into Android development, this book by Antonis Tsagaris is an interesting option to consider. It starts by setting up the Android development environment. It further offers all the basics for beginners such as creating an XML user interface, looking into various Android components and a lot more.

This book is the best guide for beginners as it takes you from the basics of getting done with your very first Android application.

3. Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers

Ian F. Darwin has a good reputation in Android development and this book is a living example with the great contribution of 40 other developers. And so, it is a mix of a wide range of experiences to give android development learners the best guidelines.

As the name suggests, it comes with 230 recipes for various dimensions of android development such as user interface, location services, multimedia, and hardware.

The best thing about this book is that it gives simple and straightforward answers to a particular Android development problem in your head.

4. Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This book has been written keeping in view a simple idea: not every person looking towards Android programming might have any previous experience in Android development. Therefore, if you are looking for something that demands only a little Java experience, this is your go-to book.

This way, you can wholly focus on specific elements of Android development. Coding is explained in the best manner possible. Apart from giving line to line code, it gives a good explanation of why is it is so.

5. The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development

This e-book by Mark Murphy comes with 200+ chapters covered over 4000+ pages. These include hundreds of sample android apps and offers visual presentations on different development topics. This e-book is the best choice to go for if you like both written and visual guide on coding.

The core chapters of this book are based on user interfaces, development environment, data management and precisely everything else you need for your app development.

Where to Learn Android Development?

If you are looking for learning android development taking an online course, there are various platforms. We came across the two most reasonable ones, Pluralsight and Udacity. However, when it comes to Pluralsight vs. Udacity, Pluralsight wins.

Pluralsight nourishes your computer-related skills better than anyone else does. In addition, it comes with a free trial and you can choose from the courses based on your experience level. On the other hand, Udacity is also a good option but you might not be able to grab as much only as needed.

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