The Top Free 6 Stock Market APIs in 2024

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 20, 2024

The Top Free 6 Stock Market APIs in 2024

In the fast-paced and chaotic world of the stock market, the stock market APIs have come to play an important role in giving developers and investors the data they need for creating products and understanding investment patterns respectively. Wondering what is the future of business intelligence in 2022? Stock market APIs will be your ultimate way to go. There are many options if you want to understand the market patterns and both hobbyists and serious investors need some investment analytics and strategies so free APIs have become a boon. We will be shedding light on some of the free-market APIs so you can take your pick and see which suits you best.

Free Market APIs- A Quick Look

Below we have curated some of the top six free stock Market APIs in 2022. So, let's begin and dive into what they are all offering.

1.      AlphaVantage

When it comes to free API, you will find AlphaVantage being a part of the discussion. Why? Because it has made its mark with its amazing repute. Offering one of the easiest and the most substantial free tiers, AlphaVantage gives complete access to their massive data library and you don't have to give card information of any kind. Just dive into the world of the stock market API and keep up with all the current metrics.

1.      YahooFinance

Yahoo Finance, a huge collection of APIs, methods, and libraries that can help you get historical and even real-time data for various financial markets. You can get market data on conventional currencies, conventional, bonds and market analysis are available, too. Moreover, it offers options and important data plus market news, that may not always come free from its competitors. 

2.      Lattice Data

Let's talk a little about the Lattice data because it is another name when it comes to free stock market APIs. It aids in the expansion of a great set of data-driven and production-level APIs. Lattice data has fundamental stock data, stock metrics, financial statements, and much more. Users can begin for free and if they prefer, they can opt for the premium packages.

3.      IEX Cloud

If you are looking for free options and want to get to the data right away then look no further than the IEX Cloud. It gets constant updates so you know you will always get accurate data about what is happening in the stock world and how the metrics are doing. If there is one thing here, we should mention, it is that no matter what type of data, the platform is always spot on with it.

5.      Marketstack

Be it intraday data or historical and real-time data, the Marketstack has got you covered.

It offers an easy interface where you can get all the stock market data you want. To be simpler, it enables you to ask for data and receive responses, too. You have complete flexibility to use the free version, but if you want more for your needs then a paid version is available, too.  Packing over thirty years of data, the Marketstack drives significant insights and metrics to help you going into the stock market world.

6. World Trading Data

Next on the list is World Trading Data that has been giving real-time plus historical data, with a three-decade history. It has been offering this all at amazing speed, too. You can narrow down your search to particular tickers or look at entire exchanges. Furthermore, you can modify your requests for both intraday and day-end outcomes no matter at what time of the day you are trading.


Everyone in the stock game understands that stock market APIs have given new meaning to accessing market data easily, effectively, and more predictably. However, getting the right and updated data is the current need of time for both investors and developers. We hope this article helps you learn about the free stock market APIs so you can go on and fuel your stock market ventures smoothly and more successfully.  The APIs above can be perfect in helping you satisfy your needs. Furthermore, they can help you shape any financial products just how you like. If anything, they will ensure you create the best products.

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