Top 3 Keras Tutorials

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

Top 3 Keras Tutorials

If you’re a developer and are experienced in the neural networks, you’ll easily understand what Keras is. Pluralsight has great lessons that they offer to whoever is willing to sign up and take their courses. Keras is a high-level API related to Python that helps the user to develop neural networks using the product's features in tools like Tensorflow and Theano.

Developers have realized Keras’ potential for the near future. Since the future is bound to have neural networks, this software allows its customers the ability to create their own systems.

There two reasons as to why Keras is popular these days and why watching a few tutorials on Pluralsight can increase your knowledge base. You’ll find that Keras has several classifications as well.

Lightweight and Quick:

The idea of the software is to ease the burden of a developer. The software helps to reduce the extra coding and make the entire system simpler and more efficient, saving space and time. Full automation omits the chances of errors, unlike older TensorFlow coding systems. You can find tutorials for both if you wish to get into the depths of the systems on Pluralsight. Both GNN’s and CNN’s can be built and both can be run on operating systems that have a GPU or a CPU.

Emerging Winner in Market:

The future mostly consists of neural networks and the emerging market looks at API like Keras to make that possible. An API that works on the back-end is highly valued as the world of neural links becomes more fragmented and greater work is possible. Keras is also a fast-growing library that insists on a deeper understanding of how things work. You don’t just get to work with a tool, you work with an experience gaining entity that helps build your skills throughout the time.


The first tutorial to look at is the ‘Keras Courses’ tutorial on Udemy that explains where to get the system from and how long it is going to take you to download it depending on the file size and internet speed. In addition, there are several dependencies related to Python that need to be installed before this could as well.

Once you are done, the second tutorial pertains to the “Deep Learning with Keras and Fundamentals” found on Pluralsight that excellently highlights the workings of the system. There are two fundamentals that you need to know. The first one is the ‘Sequential Model’ and the second one is the ‘Functional API’. The sequential model is used to complete simple methods where you only have to add layers in order to get the system running.

The functional API is very powerful when it comes to models and has multiple outputs by its users.

The third and final tutorial explains how to save your work or restore an old one if you lose it by accident. To save the progress regarding weights of a network that you have just trained, just hit save weights and its done. Same goes for restoring old weights where you use the function ‘load weights’ to get your data back.

Bottom Line

Several developments using Keras is being witnessed these days and you definitely don’t want to miss it, therefore, we recommend learning Keras through different platforms according to your needs. Discover which is better here.


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