Top 3 resources for using python to automate Excel

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 3, 2024

Top 3 resources for using python to automate Excel

Companies invest heavily in training their employees on being able to operate the basic Microsoft Office software. Excel is one such tool that handles much of the work of a company, be it financial statements or simple quotations. Excel is a powerful tool that can help automate pretty much all the data that you type in it. Websites like Pluralsight or Udemy have tons of tutorials on how to use python in the case of automating Excel. You can compare them both here. Pluralsight however, has a greater variety and well-known trainers in the field of python mechanics. Therefore, you can use these tutorials to learn automation to cut your process time to 1/3 of the original time. Excel is useful in all departments whether it is to give out tasks or simply have all the data processed and set out to superiors. In order to understand Python, you must get to know how it functions and what are the basic resources involved that can be used in Excel. Both the resources combined make the two a force to be reckoned with as there are no office analytical tasks these two cannot help with.

Top 3 Resources for Using Python in Excel

In order for you to grasp the concept of using Python in excel, you must use the following resources. Once you’re well versed in the following and have spent ample time, trying to get what the resources speak about you can perform your duties in the office properly.

Codecademy and Excel

This book specializes in the way codes are made and provides a basic understanding of what each symbol means. They also have a website where you can watch their custom videos specially made for beginners who have no experience in using Python whatsoever. You will get some hands-on experience to understand what working with Python in Excel is like through custom tests as well.

Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed Shaw

This free e-book is available for anyone to read. The author kept the book free so more people could be encouraged to learn Python. This book provides you genuine knowledge of the art that is coding, automation of entire networks using python as well as developing your interest in the matter through several examples. This is something that other resources fail to do while explaining how to use Python to benefit using excel.

Google’s Python Class

If you’re in search of a resource where you can invest majority of your time and effort in, Google’s Python class is the perfect place for you. Anyone seeking to become a professional can use this platform to master the language and become a great asset in the world of developing. Beginners’ starts from the basics while experienced get videos to watch and learn the different features. These features not only relate to instances where coding can be used for developing software but also how to use it to understand the dos and don’ts of excel.


Whatever resources we have mentioned above have been tested for their efficiency in training individuals. Once you get the hang of Python, learning Excel will seem like a piece of cake, which means you can now use both to their utmost potential. That means better quality work from you and a more satisfied client if you start freelancing. Therefore, we recommend using these practices as quickly as possible.
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