Top 5 Resources for Learning NodeJS

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

Top 5 Resources for Learning NodeJS

Learning how to use NodeJS is a very difficult task, especially when your major is Computer Science and you need to use NodeJS in your practical work. For anyone wanting to learn, there may be many challenges to learning, including how time-consuming it may be, finding effective resources to learn from, spending too much money on a resource and not being able to understand it or even finding a resource that matches your expertise level. You might not have the time or money to explore different resource options. That is why the following list of the top 5 resources was formulated to make your life easier; it includes books, courses, and even a podcast that you can easily find online.

NodeUp (Podcast)

Nodeup is a podcast that teaches its listeners about NodeJS in an instructive and informative manner. It has 125 episodes with everything an amateur needs to know about NodeJS, including news and updates. The best part about learning from a podcast is that the resource is very convenient, time-efficient and portable, so it can be taken anywhere and listened to at any time. NodeUp has been very well received by audiences for providing informative content in an entertaining way. Simply play it on your phone, in the car or on your bus ride to work or school.

Code by Node

Code by Node is another online course that teaches a wide range of NodeJS features. However, this course is not for beginners as it would be difficult for them to keep up with the course content. It is an ideal course for students with basic NodeJS knowledge. Also, this course does not cover the entirety of NodeJS. It is still well-regarded by students as it teaches new skills and features to students who want to dive deep into NodeJS.

NodeJS The Complete Guide

NodeJS The Complete Guide is an online course that is available now for only $19.99. The course contains articles, video tutorials and lectures, downloadable resources, assignments, and a completion certificate. This course can be accessed on your phone, so it is quite easy to use and can be taken anywhere. Again, another huge time-saver as you can progress through the course from anywhere, as long as you have your mobile phone with you.


Lynda is an online library that provides you with source material for any topic you desire. Many resources are provided by Lynda and the website’s layout is quite simple to use. When looking for NodeJS resources, you can simply search it in the search bar and filter out your options to find exactly the kind of resource you are looking for. However, the downside to using Lynda is that you can only filter different categories one at a time.


Pluralsight is another online library that contains an infinite number of sources on various topics. It is highly recommended when looking for NodeJS resources. Pluralsight has already divided the NodeJS course according to the three levels of expertise. It has also provided a description of the course outline and any pre-requisites that are required for the course. If you're unsure whether Pluralsight or Lynda is the best option for you, don't forget to check out our Pluralsight vs Lynda guide
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