Top 7 Resources for Learning Ethical Hacking

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 23, 2024

Top 7 Resources for Learning Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking has become a highly sought after career in the computer science industry and it is no wonder why an increasing number of computer science graduates are turning towards ethical hacking as their primary career choice. Most companies hire ethical hackers for their ability to discover vulnerabilities in their products and systems.

However, for a beginner wanting to learn ethical hacking, it can become a little difficult to figure out how to start the learning experience. That is why the following list of resources is perfect for you:

Treehouse Courses

Treehouse is a website that provides online courses and certifications in various fields. Learning ethical hacking from Treehouse can be advantageous for beginner and intermediate learners as the website provides a number of courses at both levels. While Treehouse provides an extensive variety to its users; it is quite recent to the market and may not have the extensive coverage you need when learning about ethical hacking. It may take Treehouse some time to develop its courses and provide the in-depth teachings students look for in online courses.

Udemy’s Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch Course

If you have no knowledge on ethical hacking and want to learn from the basics, this course is an ideal one for you to take. It is easy to understand and covers topics in a systematic manner. All this course requires is basic IT skills. You will be taught how to set up a lab on your computer and many other valuable skills. Also, this is not the only course on ethical hacking available on Udemy; there are many other courses that you can join once you complete this one.

The Complete Cyber Security and Hacking Course by EH Academy

As the title of the course suggests, you can learn both cybersecurity and hacking. This course provides students with the basic knowledge they need to become skillful hackers. This course teaches how to set up a lab, system hacking, information gathering and much more. One of the unique aspects of this course is that you can directly ask the course instructor questions in the comments section.


This website provides students with a variety of languages from which they can learn and perfect their coding. It is completely free and time-efficient. However, this website proves to be most useful for beginners and it is not very effective in teaching advanced level students. Thus, make practical use of it when you are newly learning about ethical hacking, but you might want to move on to more complex exercises when you reach an advanced level.

If you are looking for a huge community of fellow learners who can lift your spirits while learning the ropes of ethical hacking, is the best option for you. provides learning algorithms and interview questions that can help anyone go from a beginner to an expert ethical hacker in no time. However, you need some basic knowledge that could help you navigate through this site and its teachings.


CodinGame is a fun and interactive learning experience for anyone looking to polish their coding skills. With CodinGame, you can overcome some very difficult challenges, learn new skills, polish old ones and play coding games that can help you think on your feet. CodinGame is ideal if you know at least the basics and need practice to perfect your ethical hacking concepts. The website caters to all expertise levels and covers a wide range of skill sets.

Courses from Pluralsight

Pluralsight provides a variety of online courses on ethical hacking. This platform provides a substantial amount of content if you are looking to learn ethical hacking from scratch. With several set paths, Pluralsight provides students with an extensive and comprehensive learning experience. With the courses available on Pluralsight, you can learn ethical hacking from the comfort of your own home. What’s more? Pluralsight even allows you to take your courses on your phone, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Take a look at our Treehouse vs Pluralsight blog post to compare the two together.

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