What Is a Blue-Collar Worker? Check Out These Examples.

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 21, 2024

What Is a Blue-Collar Worker? Check Out These Examples.


Blue collar employees are people who conduct physical labor. The term dates all the way back to the early twentieth century, when these workers wore darker, more durable fabrics (e.g., blue denim or blue uniforms). They preferred these clothing since they were dirty on the job and couldn’t pay to wash them on a regular basis owing to their low wages.

What is Blue Collar Worker?

The vast majority of blue-collar employees do not spend their days in an office such as driving, line of production, construction site etc. For their responsibilities, they depend on their hands and physical strength. The machine operators, construction workers, truck drivers and assemblers these are all the examples of the occupations associated to blue collar.

According to the notion of blue-collar labour, employees can be gifted or incompetent, waged or salaried, with no mention of their skill level or income. Workers’ garments may become dirty by dirt or oil if they wear this style of uniform. For this reason, workers in the early part of the twentieth century were referred to as “blue collar,” as they used to wear dark colour clothes than “white collar” employees, or attire that was more durable to the rising excessive wear of manual labour such as blue jeans. Service professions such as home health aides and cashiers, on the other hand, may be categorised as blue-collar.

Difference between Blue Collar Worker Vs White Collar Worker

The two most often compared work classifications are blue collar and white collar. White collar jobs are often located in offices and entail technical, managerial, or managerial responsibilities. The colour is a nod to the white dress shirts that people in these positions often wear.

5 Best Examples of Blue-Collar Worker.

1.Aircraft Mechanic

This role demands education and training.

All applicants must have formal FAA-approved training, appropriate work experience, and basic military training.

This is a highly sought-after blue-collar employment. Due of their critical role in the aviation industry, this is an excellent chance to earn a lot of money. The top 10% of paid aviation mechanics may earn between 67,000 dollar and 110,000 dollar per year. Additionally, they are less likely to work for a publicly traded corporation.


This role demands education and training.

A three- to four-year training programme leading to a certificate in carpentry. Another option is to acquire the necessary skills via on-the-job training.

Carpenters account for barely 0.31 percent of the American workforce. While this does not necessarily suggest that carpentry is a dying trade, it does provide a profitable opportunity. Carpentry may be a rewarding career choice if the average yearly wage is considered.

3.Manufacturer of Boilers

This role demands education and training.

Practical and theoretical training.

The average annual rise in the number of boilermakers between 2018-2019 was 50.7 percent. As a consequence, it is an excellent site to begin a career. This is physically demanding labour that requires excellent coordination, technical talents, strength, and physical abilities.

4.Dishwashing machine

A Diploma or a high school education is preferred. However, no formal qualifications are required for this blue-collar employment role.

Often regarded as one of the most demanding tasks in a restaurant, young blue-collar employees may profit from a combination of value and effort. It pays nicely for the limited skill set required and might make you feel proud of yourself after a hard day’s work.


Although an associate’s degree in forestry is available in two years, the majority of companies prefer foresters with a bachelor’s degree in forest science, forest technology, or forestry. Accompanied by practical experience.

Forestry offers the path for a variety of career opportunities. As a forester, you will manage forest land, develop strategies, and manage project budgets. Along with overseeing employees, this makes it a very diverse job choice.

Final Words

Known as working-class occupations, blue-collar jobs are a go-to option for many. It’s typical to find people who are both officially educated in the profession and well compensated. But there are also chances for individuals who lack formal schooling. Hopefully, the list provided offered you a short glimpse into what you may anticipate.

Nowadays after pandemic situation many java programmers start working without going to their office. So, they are also becoming a part of blue-collar workers.

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