What is Pluralsight IQ?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

What is Pluralsight IQ?

Pluralsight provides a proficient method to test your Skills IQ. Knowing your Pluralsight skills IQ can help you understand where you need to start your learning journey from and what areas require improvement.

Pluralsight IQ is a smart approach to assessing where students stand on a spectrum and it can provide valuable information to students of all levels. Getting started with a path can be difficult at times, but Pluralsight IQ makes it so much easier to understand where to start.

Pluralsight is one of the best online course providers available today, alongside Treehouse. If you're interested in the difference between the two, check out this comparision between treehouse and pluralsight.

What Exactly Does Your Score Mean?

Pluralsight’s Iris uses a skills assessment to determine where you stand with your technical skills. The Pluralsight Iris Quotient (IQ) provides a score from 0 to 300. This score is compared to the scores of other professionals with technological skills and then your score is placed in one of the following percentiles:

  • Novice which includes scores in the 1st to 20th percentiles,
  • Proficient which includes scores in the 21st to 80th percentiles,
  • Expert which includes scores in the 81st percentile and higher.

Getting your skills IQ calculated to reap the benefits of knowing where you stand.

How do I use my Score to Determine where to Start in a Skill Path?

Pluralsight paths are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Your score falls in one of the three above-mentioned percentiles. Having a score in the novice percentile would mean that you should start the path at the beginner level. A score in the proficient percentile indicates that you should start at the intermediate level. A score in the expert percentile indicates that you should start at the advanced level.

Is Skill IQ a Learning Check?

While learning checks are used to check the student’s retention of the course material, Skill IQ tests students on a wide variety of subjects and it is used as an assessment measure. Also, learning checks can be taken multiple times to recheck your abilities after completing a portion of the course material. However, Skill IQ can only be given one more time and Pluralsight will keep your higher score from both of your scores.

What are the Benefits of Taking Skill IQ?

Taking the Skill IQ is very beneficial because it is primarily an assessment measure that can help you understand your abilities at a deeper level. This understanding will aid in ascertaining your next step of where to begin the course you want to take and what skills you need to focus on while learning. However, do not get disheartened if your score is not what you expected, you aren’t getting a formal grade or result. This is simply a means for you to start your learning at a level suitable for you.

Can I Give Skill IQ Again?

Giving the Skill IQ is quite time-consuming; however, it is possible to give the test again. A one-time re-do can be accessed after you have given the test once. However, it only lasts for 48 hours. Also, Pluralsight will keep the higher of your two scores, so there is no need to worry if your score is lower the second time around.

You can retake the Skill IQ and get your skills re-evaluated once you feel you have significantly improved. This is of great benefit because it helps you see your progress and constantly evaluate how far you have come. Plus, the learning curve can be very motivating for many students.

How Do I Take a Pluralsight Skill IQ?

Taking the Skill IQ can be time-consuming because of how in-depth it is, but it is definitely worth the try. You can take Skill IQ with a free Pluralsight account. Pluralsight provides various different options for admins on group plans. However, if you want to take Skill IQ on your own, you can simply go to the website and get started.

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