What Is Web 3.0 And How Will It Change the Internet?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 21, 2024

What Is Web 3.0 And How Will It Change the Internet?

What Exactly Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a more advanced of the world wide web. As a result of utilizing the power of big data and machine learning, the semantic web has arisen, which analyses and uses user data and behavior to provide a more customized online surfing experience.

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However, many experts predict that Web 3.0 would provide a speedier, more intuitive web experience, with the potential to forsake command-line search keywords in favor of intuitively speaking with Google. "Show me all of the films playing at my local theatre tomorrow evening," for example, is an excellent example of a search query that will get the necessary results in the Web 3.0 age.


Web 3.0's real-world issues

The next difficulty for the web is to comprehend the data it offers, which is where the Semantic Web comes in. It is a method of marking and categorizing content in order to share, reuse, locate, and combine information. This browser extension allows users to communicate data in a standard format and records how part of the data connects to real-world objects using a defined language. All of this information about real-world things will be linked to databases.

These databases will subsequently be linked to others that hold information on the same real-world object. For example, the term "apple" can refer to either the fruit or the technology company that invented the iPhone. This is how we can generate connected data:

To make computers comprehend people, this Semantic technology may be integrated with Artificial Intelligence, namely Natural Language Processing (NLP). Semantic technology analyses text and assigns meaning to words using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. During this procedure, the algorithm recognizes certain text components and associates them with their grammatical and logical functions.

When it comes to searches, this method will help search engines better comprehend humans and give users far more relevant and speedier results. Users will receive more relevant search results when semantic web technologies and Artificial Intelligence are combined with search engines. Even if they search with long-tail terms.

How Will It Change the Internet?

It's the following step in the Internet's progression. Throughout this stage, the Internet will grow more complex, and it will be able to process information in ways comparable to that of a human brain, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Because programs would be able to speak with one another without needing to be educated by humans at every level, content creation would become exceedingly intelligent, and distribution would be targeted.

Web 3.0 is expected to provide a more customized browsing experience as well as contribute to a more equitable Internet. Once this infrastructure is in place, a new generation of technologies will almost surely emerge to provide consumers with more control over their data. It will also make the Internet more pervasive in our daily lives. The bulk of today's offline equipment, including domestic appliances and transportation systems, connect to and interact with their autonomous servers.

Because Web 3.0 will rely on decentralized protocols based on blockchain technology, it is projected that the two, as well as bitcoin, will become increasingly intertwined.


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