Why Every Programmer Should Learn Python in 2024?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 22, 2024

Why Every Programmer Should Learn Python in 2024?

Programming has gained value over the years as the technological advances take humankind more towards a user-friendly working environment. People are more in tune with working with technology than they were ever before. Programmers are therefore in high demand and those with exceptional skills go out of their ways to develop unique software systems that revolutionize that part of the industry.

Learning Python, therefore, becomes essential. You can do this using website like Pluralsight that have the best revision courses on the topic. Python is finding its way in every aspect nowadays and is a great language to get to know because of the demand in the market. The language is easy to learn and its advanced functionality allows you to create more powerful web applications and software that can help your clients. Overall, learning the language can prove to be for your own benefit as it exponentially increases your chances of being hired by a company and your work quality as well.

Here are several reasons why every programmer should learn Python in 2020:

Data Science

The field of data science is growing each day and the quality of work that Python has to offer stays unmatched. You get to look into the amazing libraries and frameworks that Python provides you. These resources are useful to help build scripts and automate tasks. Data scientists are looking for options on Pluralsight to learn this language as fast as they can. The website offers tutorials by some of the best practitioners of the art out there.

Machine Learning

The development of Artificial Intelligence has really excited and spooked the world at the same time. The development of new algorithms every day really shows how powerful machines can get.

Python makes it easier for you to program and interpret algorithms in the easiest manner. You can learn from its gigantic libraries and develop your own solution to an algorithmic problem that may go towards making a change in the world. It gives programmers the independence to design their own way through the way they see the world.


A tough syntax can be a hard thing to get your head around. Coding is not that simple however, once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize what it has to offer. This is because in the world of programming, you are the creator and you can create whatever you wish for so long as you know how to.

Python makes it all very simple from understanding the syntax to developing. The ease with which you can set up Python along with it being readable gives it the edge over other programming languages. You will love to work with it once you start out.

Growing Community

The Python community is growing on a daily basis and thousands of people come over on Pluralsight to leave behind valuable info in the comments section. The tutorials are interactive and easily understandable. The benefit that you receive from that is that anytime you are in a bind and cannot figure out a way out of a problem, the community can help you out. Consider them your backup for not only getting updates but also solving problems in your coding. The importance of this can be seen while working on a project and having all the solutions laid out for you.


Learning Python through websites like Pluralsight or Udemy can become an easy way of getting around the workings of the program right at home. Decide for yourself between Udemy vs Pluralsight and start learning. If you’re someone who likes to work from the comfort of their own home, there are websites that can help you grab clients from parts of the world for which you can execute projects and earn good money. Since Python programmers are in high demand, you will surely get a great price for your work.


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