A Complete Guide to Pluralsight Pricing

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 23, 2024

A Complete Guide to Pluralsight Pricing

Pluralsight is a web-based learning portal that helps professionals, individuals, and teams in getting proficient by offering high-quality technical courses. This platform mostly focuses on videos that are technology-based and are related to software development. This platform provides content for people of all level. From people who are just beginners to the more advanced level users. Even professionals can take up a course on Pluralsight in order to refresh basic concepts they might have forgotten. The basic courses are designed to help the users get a hold of the topic and understand it easily. These courses are best for those with no prior knowledge of the topic. Whereas, more advanced courses are also present for people of intermediate level. The advantage of Pluralsight over other such platforms is that it provides its subscribers with a variety of courses as a digital tutor. This is a great platform for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and engineers. You can get more information in our Pluralsight review.

Pluralsight Subscription and Pricing

If you compare and contrast with other similar platforms, you will find that this is one of the most reasonable online sites out there. There are two basic subscription plans that you can follow. These are for personal subscription and for business.

Personal Subscription Plan:

Let us discuss the personal subscription plan in a little detail first.
  1. Monthly Plan
If you opt for the monthly plan, you will have the option to go for a free 10-day trial. This is present in all of the subscription plans. After your trial is over, you would have to pay $29 every month if you wish to continue learning.
  1. Annual Plan
This also has the option for a free trial. Once the trial ends, you would have to pay $299 annually if you wish to continue learning. Both the monthly and annual plans have a number of amazing features such as a vast course library, offline viewing, exercises, and course discussions.
  1. Premium Plan
If you wish to opt for a premium plan, you will be billed $449 annually. This plan includes all the features included in the personal package plus certified practice exams, projects and interactive courses. This is the best option if you want to showcase your skillset.

Business Subscription Plan:

If you are a business looking to expand your employees’ skillset, this platform is a great option. You can get your team enrolled in these programs for a better team experience.
  1. Professional Subscription This plan bills you $579 per user annually. This subscription provides you with all the premium features and some added features of its own. These features include analytic skill development, usage analytics, trend analytics and much more. This plan mostly deals with developing the basic reporting and user analytic skills of your team.
  2. Enterprise Subscription
If you opt for this plan, you will be billed $779 per user annually. This subscription includes all the features of the premium and professional plans and some added ones. These added features include advanced skill and role analytics, API access, Data export, Single Sign-on (SSO) and much more. This plan deals with polishing advanced analytical skills and flexibility of your enterprise.
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