How Hard Is Google Data Analytics Certificate?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 21, 2024

How Hard Is Google Data Analytics Certificate?


Eight courses are included in the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Programme. In this course, you will learn all you need to know to land a position as an entry-level data analyst. A lot of advanced programming languages like R, Python and SQL will be covered in each class.



What Are Analytics of Data?

Unstructured data is studied to make sense of it and draw conclusions about it using data analytics. Many procedures and techniques for data analysis have been turned into programs and processes that deal with raw data intended for human consumption.

What Is Google Data Analytics Certification?

People who work with data will be able to get a certificate from Google in March 2021. This comes at the perfect time because there is a shortage of data analysts in the market. The need for data analysts has increased significantly especially in recent years, increasing the number of high-paying analytical professions. In the United States alone, there are 337,400 jobs for data analysts, with an average starting income of $67,900. According to Burning Glass, this is indeed the truth.

Google-designed professional training and the chance to meet with top employers are part of the deal. Across the United States, there are 337,400 jobs in data analytics, and they pay an average of $68,900 for someone who starts.

The Professional Certificate is made up of eight courses. One of them is a capstone project done at the end. Four to five weeks make up each course. There are graded weekly quizzes and a final quiz at the end of the course, which are both graded. Before the students take their weekly quizzes, they are given a glossary of the words they have learned this week. If you work less than ten hours a week, you can finish the certificate in less than six months.

You'll learn how to work as a database administrator, a junior data analyst, and more in this class. As soon as you get the certificate, you can apply for jobs at Google, Walmart, Best Buy, and more than 130 other US companies.

How Hard Is Google Analytics Certification?

This curriculum has more than 180 hours of training and hundreds of practice-based tests that will help you learn how to use data analytics to help your business succeed. Through videos, tests, and practical learning laboratories, you'll learn about analysis tools and platforms and the analytical skills you need for an entry-level job. The content is very interactive and was all made by Google employees.

All of these skills will be taught to you. Data cleansing, problem-solving abilities, critical analysis, data integrity, and data visualization are just some. You will learn how to use these platforms and tools in class: Prezis and presentations. Spreadsheets and SQL. Tableau and R Programming.

A score of at least 80 percent is needed to pass. This means that you have to be able to answer at least 56 of the 70 questions in 90 minutes. If you have a plan to learn, even if you are a beginner, it shouldn't be as hard as you think.

Final Thought

It's not easy to learn about data analytics and data science. Still, I think that the Google Analytics Certificate makes it easier by putting together high-quality resources that are easy to find. It's easy to take this course through Coursera. This platform gives lessons in data analytics. This platform is perfect and very cheap. You can also read our Coursera data analytics review to find out more about this site.

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