Coursera Google Data Analytics Review Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
August 4, 2022

Coursera Google Data Analytics Review Is It Worth It?


There are multiple sites offering analytics courses and specifically the data analytics course. Google developed a certificate program that would not require a long time to get a college diploma and would take three to six months to get complete.

This data analytics course by Google is available on Coursera. Before taking this course you must be thinking is Coursera legit? To answer your curiosity here is the complete Coursera review that will tell if Google data analytics is worth it or not. 

Data analytics is the collection of data and organizing it to make productive decisions and make predictions. This is a fast-growing career which offers a good salary. A data analytics diploma can take up to 4 years but with the high paced technology, taking a diploma has been made much easier thanks to Google’s data analytics course on Coursera.

Trained and taught by highly experienced Google employees, you will learn the experiences of those employees who were once in your place and built their careers to where they are now. 


Data Analytics Program by Google:

It has over 8 courses and 180+ hours of instruction and practice. This course is practice-based so you will get challenges and assessments to practice your skills. You will be given a chance to simulate real-world data analytics that is necessary for success at a particular workplace.

Highly experienced Google employees have personally created videos, hands-on- labs, practice assessments and other platforms so you can get familiar with the tools of analytics and skills to analyze that data that will be useful for your career in the future. This course will prepare you to get jobs as a data analyst, database administrator etc. 

The Professional Certificates courses on Coursera including the data analytics one will prepare your knowledge and skills for the job. You will be awarded a Certificate after completing all the courses which will help you in your career further. The courses these offers are:

  • Foundations: Data, data everywhere.
  • Ask questions to make data-driven decisions.
  • Prepare data for exploration.
  • Process data from dirty to clean.
  • Analyze data to answer questions.
  • Share data through the art of visualization.
  • Data analysis with R programming.
  • Google data analytics Capstone: Complete a case study.

After completing these courses, you will have the basic knowledge and skills of a junior or associate data analyst. You will know analytical skills and will be able to evaluate the role of analytics in the ecosystem.

You will also learn the strategies, effective questioning techniques, databases and data integrity, SQL functioning, data visualization, use of Tableau, R programming language and you will be choosing an analytical based scenario to carry out your very own case study.


Coursera Data Analytics Review:

The main goal of this course is to strengthen your basics of data analytics because if your concepts and basics are strong, you will not have a hard time learning new things and skills.

This course provides great certificate credentials as Coursera is one of the most popular online learning platforms and obviously everyone knows about Google and how having it on your credentials will boost your certificate. 

The course covers what you will be learning in a 4 years long diploma. It not only gives the knowledge about basic data analytical skills but also introduces new concepts and techniques that you won’t learn from somewhere else.

Completion of this course awards you with a certificate that allows you to share your information with top U.S employers. Coursera also gives a 1-year membership to the people who have completed this course successfully so they can prepare for their job interviews. 


And there you have it, everything you want to know about the Coursera Google data analytics and yes it is worth it. The layout of this course is well presented and created with lots of research. Its well-structured program makes it easy to learn as a beginner as it offers different styles of learning like videos, readings, ungraded external tools, discussion prompts and quizzes.

We hope this review helps shed light on all the important aspects.

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