Readworks Review for 2024 – Is It Worth It for Your Child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
May 15, 2024

Readworks Review for 2024 – Is It Worth It for Your Child?

Readworks is a non-profit company and a free website that offers research-based strategies and resources for differentiated reading instructions, specifically comprehension. This program was structured to develop the background knowledge of children to support their comprehension, provide explicit instruction in academic vocabulary along with the emphasis on text structure or syntax.

It consists of different activities, assessments, and a variety of features not just for the children but also for the teachers. Students have access to reading tools such as vocabulary aids, annotation tools, accessibility features, including read-aloud, and can curate their own reading library based on topics of interest.


Readworks Review: Is It Worth It?

It has been estimated that over 1 million teachers and 17 million students are using Readworks to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms and homes today. The company was founded with the goal of improving reading comprehension by bringing the latest in literacy teaching research into the classroom.

Readworks provides teachers with a large set of grade-level aligned complex literary and informational texts on a variety of topics. The reading passages include text-dependent questions, vocabulary worksheets, and teachers notes.

In the times of Covid 19, where online classes have taken over education like a hero, websites like Readworks have played such a great role in keeping the education of students on a roll. It provides an online platform for teachers where they can add students manually or via Google Classroom by sharing a code or importing their students.

How To Use

Teachers will find class demo videos, current research, classroom protocols, tips, and suggestions that help to implement or improve reading instruction. Once the classes are created, teachers can begin curating reading assignments using various filters, such as grade level, topic, and content type. Readworks consists of the Assignment & Progress dashboard where teachers can easily grade their students and keep their progress records.


The reading passages are the most useful resources on the site. Users can use the filter functions to find appropriate texts for adult education students.

The Text Type, Grade, and Lexile level are all useful filters to find complex texts suitable for the learning level and content needs of adult education students. After opening a free account, users can download texts or save them to “My Binder” for future access.

Readworks is one of the most useful and resourceful online educational websites that not only provides students with great exercises to build their comprehension skills but also provides the teachers the ability to assist the students more conveniently.

This website is great for someone who is looking to shape their student or kid’s comprehension skills with various activities, vocabulary, and text structures of different grades.


If you are someone who wants to teach their kids or students with different kinds of novels or books instead of reading passages and other content activities, then GetEpic might be the site you are looking for.

Epic is a digital library that provides unlimited downloads of its 25,000+ ebooks, videos, audiobooks, and quizzes that provides a recommended list and suggestions based on the child’s interest and level. It is also compatible with Google Classroom, and teachers can easily track the progress of their students here.

However, it’s not free like Readworks; it requires you to pay a small amount to buy the features, but it is free for elementary teachers and librarians.


Is Readworks Safe?

It’s not rare to doubt a website that is extremely resourceful and free, so you may wonder if Readworks is legit or safe. Readworks is one of the fastest growing online education platforms, providing teachers with passages, paired texts, texts set, lessons, comprehension units, and novel-study units, all at no charge.

The materials are research-based and come from reputable sources, so you can easily depend upon this organization and work along with it to build the child’s comprehension along with different skills.

All in all, Readworks is an excellent way for teachers to promote the development of students’ reading skills across content areas.


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