Quizizz Review For 2024 Is it worth it for your child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
May 11, 2023

Quizizz Review For 2024 Is it worth it for your child?


According to experts, educational applications can increase youngsters and parental-child engagement. Engaging with youngsters while using applications is the most successful method—mobile applications aid children's proclivity for interaction.


What is Quizziz?

Quizzes are without a doubt the teachers’ best friend. The Quizziz app enables students to take part in games ignoring the fact that they are taking online classes from miles away. They can still learn, play, and have fun! They were aware that the educational system was shifting away from face-to-face instruction and toward digital training.

Quizizz is a gamified engagement platform for students. It was invented in an Indian city named Bengaluru. This Indian creativity software company creates and sells its own games. Quizizz is used in group assignments, pop quizzes, informative quizzes, and classes. Its headquarter is situated in Bengaluru. This app is cloud, SaaS, and web-based. It can efficiently operate on Android, iPhone, and IPad. Quizizz has 24/7 chat support.

Use of Quizizz

Quizizz is used for unique online quizzes within the time frame. Quizizz provides a tool to teachers and students to make their quizzes online. Teachers can give quizzes for homework with a deadline. On Quizizz, teachers can make their accounts, and for students, it's an option if they can create so they can, but if not, they can quickly join quizzes on their mobile device or desktop by using an access code.

Students can see the questions and answers of the quiz on their screens. They can also create their quiz on their own. Teachers can also make quizzes by choosing from the options or creating by their mind. They can also add pictures. In Quizizz, all quizzes are organized so everyone can find and assign them easily. Students can play quizzes with their classmates, or the teacher can give quizzes as their homework to solve them on their own. The quiz level increases by itself when the student provides correct answers. Students can also provide feedback in meme style.

Is Quizziz suitable for children?

This app’s tests are similar to the conventional multiple-choice questions you see in a normal school test. Students' avatar and Quizizz feedback style with meme make it different from other applications. Teachers can turn off the meme feedback option, but students like these humorous feedback options. Teachers set times for the students to complete their quiz within time by choosing from options or using pictures. After the quiz teacher can show the results to the students, and if students want to retake the quiz to improve their progress so they can retake it. There is an email option, so teachers can send children's detailed progress reports to their parents, so parents will know how much time their children are spending on every question.

Quizizz is a friendly interactive platform. Students can make their questions from the lectures given in the class. Teachers can also create quizzes based on their courses to get to know whether they are paying attention in the class or not. Students can play games in it too. Quizizz makes learning fun by providing a lively environment of classrooms by engaging students. 


Quizizz is free or not?

Quizizz is providing a free trial version to the students and teachers. After the trial version, they need to pay $19.00 for a month. So after buying the premium version, you can access a great library with different varieties of content.

Is it safe for children?

To make it safe for children, Quizizz uses privacy centered design. Due to this, students can use this app without creating an account. AWS monitors activities and data around the clock. AWS is an industry leader when it comes to digital services and data security. Routine checking and alerts are used to detect any breaches of security.

There is another app named Generation Genius, which provides video-based lessons to the students of class 3 to class 8. It provides videos of the lectures along with questions.

Generation Genius is following NGSS( Next Generation Science Standards). Each lesson consists of Do It Yourself (DIY) activities, questions &  answers, material for reading, and vocabulary development tools. You can get the premium version of Generation Genius by paying 95 dollars. After paying, you will get access to everything. You can also use it on three devices.


I hope that this review has provided you with all of the information you need about the Quizizz app. Try the Quizizz app if you’re looking for an excellent learning app that also happens to be entertaining. Quizizz is an excellent tool for a variety of aspects of classroom learning. It is simple to use, adaptable, and entertaining for pupils. Your students will find it to be an interesting and exciting game-based learning platform that is flexible, easy to use, and completely free. It will make learning even more enjoyable for them.


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