How to learn penetration testing at home

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 5, 2024

How to learn penetration testing at home

Penetration testing can be difficult to learn however, with practice and understanding you will be able to get a grip on it. Below mentioned are ways how you can learn penetration testing at home.

1. Begin using Linux on a daily basis.

Firstly, it is important that you know the basics of hacking. It is nearly impossible to learn hacking without having any knowledge about Unix commands. It’s just like flying an aero plane without having any knowledge about its controls. The whole learning process will become needlessly struggling for you if you are thinking about learning penetration testing without any background knowledge about it. Making sense of how the operating system works can be much easier for you if you are familiar with using Linux based OS. This is because while using Linux you will get to know about concepts such as the OSI mode, boot loader and kernel. Most of the servers open on the web these days are running on operating systems like Unix, also most of the services of new businesses and small organizations are built for Linux machines. Other than this, it is also very convenient since Linux is supported on the majority of the libraries and tools out there.

2. Learn coding.

After you get familiar with the basics, your next step should be to learn coding because you have to learn to make it before you can break it. It is recommended that you get familiar with stuff that is full stack like Python, HTML, JavaScript and CSS. You can learn coding from Pluralsight as it is a great option for learning coding.

3. Look into scripting languages

Scripting can be quite an important programming tool to have. The whole penetrating testing process will become extremely easy for you if you are good in scripting languages. One of the best scripting languages for hacking is Python. Brute force actions will be needed by a great deal of bug bounties and CTFS, for example, sending numerous hashing and packets, it is possible to do all of this effectively by composing your very own Python scripts. You can get to know more about scripting languages and how it is done from Plural Sight.

4. Test your skills on CTFs and Wargames

Once you have an idea about coding and scripting languages, you can begin rehearsing what you have learned through hacking challenges. These are web applications that have been designed for you to test your skills by searching for hidden ‘flags’ that are included in the application.

5. Level up with Bug Bounties

Once you begin succeeding at CTF and wargames, you would feel like you have become a pro at pentesting. However, the real struggle begins once you check out bug bounty sites. This is because in Wargames and CTF applications you are provided a few hints however, that is not the case with bug bounties. Though it might take you time to get used to this, a point will come when it will start making sense to you. The key is to keep learning and applying what you learn.

Pluralsight vs CBT Nuggets

So, when it comes to Pluralsight vs CBT nuggets, which one is better? It is true that learning penetration testing can be time consuming and a little difficult at times. However, with online education companies you can start learning from the basics and work your way up. Plural sight and CBT nuggets are two of the best sites you can learn from. Both offer several video training courses from professionals in this field. If you are a beginner it is best that you sign up for Pluralsight as the videos on Pluralsight are much more to the point, easy to understand and shorter. Also, there are very less breaks in between the tutorials hence your concentration won't be interrupted.
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