Is it hard to learn javascript?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

Is it hard to learn javascript?

If you are someone who is interested in learning coding then you might want to start off with JavaScript. The very first question of people who are eager to learn is if it is difficult to learn and how long it will take them to get a hold of the concepts.

It is true that learning programming can be a little difficult, however that does not imply that you won't be able to learn it. The person who wants to learn should basically have an approach and learning style which is suitable for him. Learning the logic and being able to apply it should be your main focus

Why is JavaScript one of the most popular programming languages?

A few reasons that JavaScript is one of the most popular language:

  1. You will find it on every platform that exists. A few examples are on desktop applications, browsers, mobile applications, IoT devices and many more.
  2. It's an incredible foundational language for novices. According to Business News Ddaily, it is much easier to learn script languages as compared to complied languages such as C/C++.
  3. Majority of the most used apps and websites from all around the world make use of JavaScript such as Uber, PayPal and even Netflix.
  4. You can find collections of JS codes and JavaScript frameworks, hence a person won't be required to rewrite codes for tasks that have to be performed frequently.

Why is JavaScript difficult to learn?

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that learning JavaScript is not an easy task. So, what makes it difficult to learn? One of the main reasons JavaScript can be a little confusing to is because you are required to know how to work with its advanced features if you want to do some interesting stuff with it. Also, as soon as you begin using JavaScript you will understand that you have to make sense of various technologies that are related to JavaScript.

Also, JavaScript is a programming language that is very different from other languages. It is not like, C++,  Ruby, python and java and hence JavaScript can be difficult to learn since you will be using different rules and techniques than you have on the other programming languages. Also, you are required to have knowledge about complex computer science since for successful JavaScript programming.

Furthermore, JavaScript is a language that is constantly evolving. Hence, once you are done learning its basics and the complex stuff, there will still be much left to explore. This is also one of the reasons you need to have a strong foundation of the basics.

Pluralsight vs Egghead

So, when it comes to Pluralsight vs Egghead, which one is better? There's no doubt that learning JavaScript can be difficult and time consuming. However, it is possible to start learning from the basics and work your way up through online education companies such as egghead and Pluralsight. You can check both to discover which is better. Both offer several video training courses from professionals in this field.

If you are a beginner then Pluralsight is the best option for you as the videos on this website are much more to the point, easy to understand and short. Also, there are very less breaks in between the tutorials hence your concentration won't be interrupted.

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