Pluralsight Vs Egghead - Which is better

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 24, 2024

Pluralsight Vs Egghead - Which is better

If you are a student of knowledge trying to better your understanding of a subject, you might have already been wondering which courses you should take and where. Getting enrolled in an online course has its own set of advantages. You can follow the course whenever you get the time. You can take it at your own pace and continue listening to the same lecture until you have grasped the whole concept of the topic. Nowadays, with the increase technology and the demanding market needs, people have started taking up courses online for developing their skillset and bettering their job prospects. Pluralsight and egghead are two of such examples. Both of these provide the students with amazing online courses and often times, it becomes difficult to opt for which one is better. If you are considering taking a subscription at one of these platforms, it is always better to make an informed decision. In today’s article, we will try to see which one is better and how these two platforms differ from one another.


Let us first see some of the advantages and disadvantages of opting for Pluralsight. Check out Our review of Pluralsight's Offering for more information.


  1. Pluralsight provides its subscribers with a variety of courses at affordable monthly fees.
  2. The courses are really high in quality and are of an advanced level. These are best suited for you if you are looking to refresh your concepts are already have the basic understanding of a certain topic.
  3. Another amazing feature that this online platform provides you with is the mobile applications. It gives you access to the content from the comfort of your mobile screen. You can take the lecture anywhere at any time.
  4. There are also assessments at the completion of a course. If you are successful at passing this assessment, you are provided with a certificate of achievement. This looks good on your portfolio and aids you in your job hunt.
  5. You can repeat the lecture whenever you are unable to understand the basic idea behind it. You can also refresh your understand if you get a large gap and are unable to follow it through. This is better than a classroom setting because you can keep on repeating the session until you are clear you got the understanding.
  6. If you are faced with a problem, Pluralsight provides you with email as well as phone support.
  7. The courses that are available to the users are taught by instructors that have top industrial knowledge and are experts of the subject at hand.
  8. The course content available covers a huge range of technical topics.


  1. The courses available are related to technology. If you are a student of sciences, you will not be able to benefit from this website as there are none to very few courses available in other domains.
  2. Although the overall quality of the videos and the content present on the website is amazing but some videos have poor audio.
  3. The content present on the platform is best for more advanced learners. Beginners may find it a little hard to grasp the ideas when they first start following a course.


Egghead is a learning platform just like Pluralsight but if you are on a little advanced level, this is not recommendable for you. Firstly, because they provide content that is best suited for a beginner level. Secondly, they take yearly subscription fee of $200 and one month is enough to watch all the relevant videos.


  1. There are a few on this website that have a very god quality content. If you are a developer, the best course on this platform is that of a redux for it. It is highly recommendable as it teaches you how to write a clean code.
  2. Since react applications are in high demand, you can take the reach application course. It gives you an insight into how to build applications from scratch.
  3. There are multiple courses present on this platform that are free. These are amazing courses and can benefit you if you follow them properly. If you do not want to take the yearly subscription, you should definitely take advantage from their free courses.


  1. One of the major drawback this platform has is the fact that they give out yearly subscription. Before, they had a monthly subscription of 20$. Paying an annual fee is not suitable as you can take the relevant course in one month.
  2. The courses are very basic. They will not take you to the advanced level. This is only good if you want to better your basics but if you want to improve your skills and be able to showcase them, you need more than the basic level understanding.

Final verdict:

After reading the advantages and disadvantages, you might still wonder if Pluralsight is worth the money and time. A simple answer to this is yes. It is one of the best online learning platforms. If you are looking to improve your technical skills, you should definitely signup on Pluralsight. Although there are multiple websites that offer free content but the quality is nothing compared to that provided by Pluralsight. Egghead is only better in the sense that it provides the basic level of understanding. If that is your requirement and you are willing to pay annually, you should go with egghead. Otherwise Pluralsight is way better.
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