IBM vs Google Data Analytics Certification

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 21, 2024

IBM vs Google Data Analytics Certification


So, you want to know the best product between Google Analytics and IBM Data Analyst. The Google Data Analytics Certification vs. IBM Data Analyst Certification comparison should put your mind at ease. We've done the legwork for you so that you can easily discover which program is the best fit for your needs.

What Is IBM?

In terms of technology, IBM is one of the world's biggest companies. It has operations in more than 170 countries and employs more than 345,000 people. IBM is best known for making and distributing hardware and software and data storage and data analytics, but these aren't the only things it does. Floppy discs, hard drives, and the Universal Product Code (UPC) were all developed by this company over the years. IBM researchers have received numerous prestigious awards for their work, including the Prestigious Award and the Distinguished Service Award.


What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that gives you essential tools and information like search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. The service is part of Google's Marketing Platform and can be used by anyone with a Google account. It is free. Google Analytics is used to keep an eye on how websites work and to get demographic information about people who visit them.


Which One Is Better, IBM or Google Data Analytics Certification?


IBM has eight courses. It has a Python programming language. The duration period of this course is 11 months. It has a Cognos visualization tool. The spreadsheets of IBM are MS Excel. This program is available in different languages such as Arabic, French and English. This program is suitable for Beginners. In this course, you'll learn about various data sources, project scenarios, and the numerous data analysis tools you'll need to work with to obtain hands-on experience. This course will be taught by data scientists. Data scientists will teach this program. You can learn this program for $39 per month.

Google Data Analytics Certification

Google Data Analytics has nine courses. It has an R programming language. The duration period of this course is six months. It has a Tableau visualization tool. The spreadsheet of this course is Google Sheets. This program is available in the English language. This program is suitable for beginners. You can learn this program for $39 per month, and Data Analyst will teach it. After you finish the course, you'll be able to join Google's network of more than 130 businesses looking for people with this degree.

Google's Data Analytics Certification is the best choice because it already has a network of employers who will accept it in place of a degree that is the same. To do a capstone project, the following is the reason for this. Also, you'll get a chance to learn from data analysts. You'll be able to see the challenges they face on a daily basis and find out how they deal with them.

So, the capstone project for the Google Data Analytics Certification can be done with any data set that you want to use. In addition, you will get help with your interviews, which the IBM Data Analyst Certification does not.

Despite this, IBM's data analysts are excellent at their work. It's a good place to start if you're interested in learning about Python-based data analytics. But when comparing Google Data Analytics Certification to IBM Data Analyst Certification, Google Data Analytics Certification comes out on top.

Parting Shot

I hope you've found the information you need about IBM vs Google Data Analytics Certification. There isn't a better course for people who want to start learning about data analytics and get a good grounding in the basics. Keep in mind not to put too much faith in this certification. Continue to grow your skills and put them to the test. And if you think that is google data analytics worth it? Then the answer is Yes! It is worth it. You can get a good job after getting certification in google data analytics.


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