Pluralsight vs LinkedIn Learning – which one is better?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 27, 2024

Pluralsight vs LinkedIn Learning – which one is better?

We have all used LinkedIn for our professional profiles. We know the impact a good profile can leave on a hiring manager. Why do we go through this trouble? To get a job and get hired. This is one of the reasons that many students and even professionals alike are gathering knowledge and trying to polish their skills in accordance with the changing demands of the market. There are many platforms present that give the users the option to gain knowledge in the domain they want. One of such web based learning platform is the Pluralsight. It has become popular because of the advanced content it provides on various technical topics. That’s not all though, - LinkedIn, a popular professional website, has also developed a learning platform known as LinkedIn leaning. It gives the user an opportunity to develop their skill set and gives them better job prospects. There are many courses available on LinkedIn learning that you can take up. If you are a beginner at web based learning, you might be wondering which platform will suit you more. Before signing up on any, you need to consider a few factors like its features, advantages and disadvantages. If you want to compare LinkedIn learning and Pluralsight, keep on reading the article. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will know which one you want to move forward with.


Pluralsight is a popular web based learning platform. It provides high quality content when it comes to technical courses. If you are looking for a refresher or if you want to increase your skillset and show a certificate for it, you should definitely consider signing up at this platform. We'll go through the basics in this article and compare them to Linkedin but if you want a better look at Pluralsight, be sure to check out one of our Pluralsight reviews on our blog. Pros: Let us look at some of the features and advantages of signing up at this website.
  1. If you are unable to make a decision about this learning platform, you can opt for a free trial. The platform will give you enough time to browse through the courses and content that will give you enough information about the quality and the variety of topic covered to make a decision about a subscription plan.
  2. Pluralsight provides you with advanced and high quality content. If you are a professional looking to refresh your concepts, or if you are a student who has the basic knowledge of a course and wants to dive in deeper, this is probably the best platform for you.
  3. The variety of technical content present on the website is amazing. It covers topics ranging from development using different languages to topics that target website creation.
  4. The monthly subscription is affordable and the best part about it is that you get access to all the content on the website.
  5. The courses present over the platform are taught by some of the top industrialist that have a huge and strong knowledge base.
  6. If you need help with something, the online learning website gives you support through email as well as phone.
  7. Once you have completed your course, you are presented with an assessment to check your understanding. If you pass it, you are given a certificate of completion. This adds value to your portfolio and is a good way to let your recruiters know that you have said knowledge.
  1. Since the courses are advanced, beginners find it a little overwhelming to follow.
  2. The courses on this website are all technical. It does not provide knowledge on other domains.
  3. Some videos have a poor audio but they are trying to fix this issue.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has become a popular platform that many professionals use to see the profiles of candidates they are considering for their companies. This platform provides its users with the insight of how to better their profiles. It has recently opened up a learning platform for the users as well. This is a great initiative and many LinkedIn users have started making use of this feature. Pros:
  1. It helps the employees strengthen their skillset and provides individuals with the insight of how they can better their job prospects.
  2. It is simple to use. You can watch videos and revisit them to repeat a lecturer you didn’t understand quite well.
  3. You can train your staff on new technologies using this platform. They can learn new skills and put them to use on the project they are working for.
  4. It gives you a free trail so you can get used to the platform. You can cancel it if you think this is not the right learning platform for you. There is a freemium feature present as well.
  5. There is no entry level fee.
  1. Although there are various topics that are covered by this platform, it can become better if new options and content is explored.
  2. The mobile application for this platform is a little slow and could do better.
  3. It lacks in regards to tracking progress when compared to pluralsight.

Final Verdict:

Both the platforms discussed above are good and give quality learning experience to their users. The content provided by these website are high in quality and quite advanced. They are both good for refreshers. The instructors are one of the top personnel in the industry and provide you with an insight. It is a little difficult to give a verdict in favor of one of these platforms. But if you are looking for advice, Pluralsight is still better in some of the regards especially if you are from a technical background and want to polish your technical skills. You cannot go wrong when signing up for this platform.
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