The Top 5 Best Books to Learn AngularJS In 2024

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 4, 2024

The Top 5 Best Books to Learn AngularJS In 2024

If you are into application development, you must know that AngularJS is one of the new and most popular JavaScript frameworks. If you didn’t, now you do!

AngularJS is the easiest and most simple way to get rid of long and complex coding. It offers a complete web development framework to help you create dynamic applications with a creative user interface and interactive features.

Out of hundreds of books available on the subject, the following are the top five best books that allow you to indulge in the updated and new learning of AngularJS in 2019:

1. AngularJS Learn in 1 Day by Krishna Rungta

In order to learn AngularJS, you need to have continuous expert guidance. But if you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive courses out there, Angular JS Learn in 1 Day by Krishna Rungta solves all your problems.

It covers all the fundamentals such as routes, modules, directives, and dependency Injection, etc. to help you get started rightly.

2. AngularJS in 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast! By Ray Yao

If you’re looking for a book on AngularJS that covers all the essentials in a comprehensive yet elaborated manner, AngularJS in 8 hours is the one. It provides a detailed study on how to use various fundamentals of AngularJS as well as includes 80 examples to allow some practice.

The best thing about this book is that it offers you to download source code. Learning could not be better!

3. AngularJS by Philip Tarasiewicz and Robin Bohm

This book comes with basic concepts, real-world examples and a sample project that illustrates how to create structured modular applications. Eventually, you learn how to make easy to run and easier to maintain applications.

Everything from modules and scopes to directives and services is conceptually discussed which gives you great knowhow of AngularJS itself.

4. AngularJS Mastery: A Code like a Pro Guide for AngularJS Beginners by Jonathan Bates

AngularJS Mastery provides you a lot more than the information you think you need about this innovative JavaScript framework. This makes it a great guide for beginners. Even though it is elaborated, it is simple and easy to use.

It starts with what exactly is AngularJS and moves onto the advantages, setting up your environment, SPA Concept, MVC Model and various other AngularJS concepts.

A good thing about this book is that it gives healthy tips for implementing AngularJS, especially for the beginners. This keeps you on the right track and gives you proper guidelines to learn and use the AngularJS framework.

5. 50 Recipes for Programming Angular by Jamie Munro

This book comes structured in a Cookbook format where a lot of AngularJS problem statements along with solutions are present. So if you are more into practicing than reading, this book is the one for you.

A detailed explanation for each problem statement is also present to give you a better insight into what you actually need to do. With easy to understand recipes, you know where you are heading towards.

Where to Learn AngularJS?

Due to the increasing popularity of AngularJS, a number of different online platforms are offering AngularJS courses and award learners with certificates upon completion of the course. Two of such well-known online academies are Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning.

You might have a difficult time choosing one of these as both offer a great learning style however, you can check out the comparison here.

To brief a little, Pluralsight wins when the beginner learning of AngularJS is concerned. This is so because Pluralsight offers to learn with experienced experts. You have instructors to help you learn just like you have teachers at school.

The second distinction comes with the fact that Pluralsight does not award the certificate as long as participants do not complete the real-time project at the end of the course. This is highly significant but unfortunately absent in LinkedIn Learning.

Moreover, when it comes to pricing, Pluralsight has to offer better features at a lesser price as compared to LinkedIn Learning.

However, both of these offer free trials and so, you can test on your own!

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