Top 6 German Movies With English Subtitles

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 21, 2024

Top 6 German Movies With English Subtitles


Enjoying a foreign language film is a fun and effective approach to learning the language. If you’re just starting out with a language, seek movies with subtitles, either in German or English, according to your level of proficiency.

Even if you’re not a pro, allowing your brain to relax and not strive so hard to absorb the words on the computer allows you to learn in a new way. It’s how individuals acquire their original speech in the natural world: through listening and seeking to comprehend.

We asked our readers what movies they found most beneficial in learning the language. However, you can also look for top German language tutors to learn English.

What Role Do Subtitles Play in Learning German Movies?

It may appear that watching German movies with English subtitles is a sensible approach to learning the language. Many early beginner learners can start learning German vocabulary this way. Studies show that vocabulary acquisition from movies is just as powerful with native-language subtitles as it is with foreign subtitles.

If you don’t have a large knowledge of German terms, this might be a useful tool to familiarize yourself with the language and acquire new terminology in normal situations.

However, as you gain experience, watching German films with German subtitles is really more useful. You’ll be able to understand how unknown terms are spelled and spoken this way. (We German learners may be grateful for the flawless 1:1 link between spelling and pronunciation in the German language, which makes learning German considerably easier than studying French or Chinese.)

You’ll definitely feel more at ease with that challenging German word order after viewing your first German movie with German subtitles. The next stage, and a test for your listening comprehension, is to turn off the subtitles completely.

The mother of skill is repetition. After you’ve seen it once, try viewing it as many times as you can. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to understand a difficult German scenario without having to rewind or glance at the subtitles once you’ve memorized all of the phrases.

FluentU is one of the most efficient ways to learn German using captioned videos. It transforms real-world videos into individualized language learning sessions, such as music videos, movie trailers, breaking news, and motivational presentations.

Top X German Movies With English Subtitles


In Deutschland 83, border guard Martin Rauch is grudgingly recruited by the Stasis to report on West Germany. Martin’s a natural, but will his aunt, a previous handler, jeopardize his career? As the Berlin Wall collapses and East Germany’s spies fight to cling on to their waning authority, binge through Deutschland 86 and Deutschland 89. (Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube, Hulu, All4 in the UK) (German with English subtitles)

2.Goodbye Lenin.

This is a humorous comedy that has been well-received both domestically and internationally. Alex’s mother wakes up after being in a coma since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Because any emotional shocks may harm her health, her son decides to pretend that the wall is still there. Alex has a harder time imitating the previous GDR (East Germany) and acting as if nothing has changed when everything has changed. In German, this is a must-see film.


“Lommbock,” another amusing film, is also a wonderful pick for a good chuckle. However, be cautious! This film may be a little... racy at times. “Lommbock” features Stefan, a wealthy lawyer who believes he has finally figured out his life: He’s found a lovely woman to marry in Dubai, and he’s been drug-free for a long time. He needs to return to Germany to get certain paperwork in order before he can marry the woman of his dreams. Enter Stefan’s old pal Kai, the man who has the potential to convert Stefan back into a sleazy bad boy!

4.Soul Kitchen

Zinos is the proud owner of Soul Kitchen, a young restaurant in Hamburg. His long-term girlfriend subsequently dumps him because he spends more time at his restaurant than with her. Following the divorce, Zinos has an existential crisis and chooses to sell Soul Kitchen... until a new chef with exceptional talents and a DJ who spins beats all night arrives. Soul Kitchen became well-known in Hamburg and its environs.


Robert ‘Beat’ Schlag (Jannis Niewöhner) is a young Berlin nightclub promoter with ties to drug dealers, prostitutes, and criminals in the underground. European Security Intelligence hires the beat to investigate human organ trafficking and other crimes, but he rapidly discovers he’s out of his element. Amazon Prime subscribers get access to subtitles in English, German, French, and Italian.

6.The Wave

Is it possible that a dictatorship will once again overshadow Germany? A teacher in a German school tries to teach his kids the solution using unconventional ways. For one week, his high school class transforms into “Die Welle,” an authoritarian gang (The Wave). The pupils adopt a name, emblem, and salute under the supervision of the group’s “Führer,” a professor. However, the event may spiral out of control at some time... Because the primary protagonists are teenagers, Die Welle exposes you to their speech patterns (which can be vulgar at times). The vocabulary is extensive, and it is linked to school and politics.


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