Top 7 Websites to Hire a German Language Tutor

Jeremy Kallowitz
September 5, 2022

Top 7 Websites to Hire a German Language Tutor


German is thought to be the most difficult language in the world. So, first of all, congrats on being brave enough to try! Online German tutors are usually the best way to learn the German language because they can give you immediate feedback and tailor their lessons to your level. You can find an excellent German tutor website in this article, and we'll show you where to look for the right one.

1. Preply

Preply has two hundred and five online German tutors who have signed up. It will show you a list of German tutors based on what you tell it about, like your reason for learning, your learning goals, your level now, and the languages you speak. In addition, you can set the price and the time. There is a lot of information about a tutor's knowledge, schooling, and availability on their "profile page." After they finish their lessons, students can rate their teachers. There are a lot of good German tutors on Preply, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Verbling

Verbling is where experienced teachers who also speak German can offer hourly tutoring. You can make an informed choice based on more than just the tutors' marketing ploys when you read reviews from other people who have used them, between 15 dollars and 25 dollars per hour. This is the average hourly rate for most people. Some tutors give you a free trial session; their profiles show this information.

3. Wyzant

On Wyzant's site, there are two hundred and two German tutors who can help you learn the language. You can find tutors both online and near you. Different things, like age, gender, and price, can be considered based on your own choices. The level of the student is also a factor in finding a German tutor. Each tutor's profile has details about their prices, teaching hours, student comments, and education, among other things.


A one-hour package on costs 40 dollars, but you can pay 80 dollars or 115 dollars if you want a two- or three-hour package instead. A teacher will then be able to help you with everything you need to know about learning a new language at any time. This is an excellent option if you like to study independently and want to hire someone to answer a quick question or clear up a specific question, doubt, or misunderstanding. It will also work well if you take a group class and need extra help.

5. italki

Italki is a comprehensive language learning application that can help you with every area of German tuition. You can browse resumes of certified language trainers and choose a tutor and scheduled sessions of Skype and pay with the site's virtual currency, ITC (1 USD equals 10 ITC). Furthermore, you can request informal tutoring and browse the profiles of German speakers seeking tutoring with varying skill levels. Additionally, you can enroll in quick tuition and submit your German language work for evaluation by the italki community. You should purchase ITC before commencing; however, sessions will not be charged until they are completed and you have acknowledged your satisfaction with them. Tutoring fees vary, but most tutors charge between 15 and 20 dollars per hour.

6. Flexingo

From Switzerland, Flexilingo offers economical and straightforward online German classes. It is one of the rare schools that can teach classical German with no accent and the Swiss language. You may learn from your home, business, or other location using Skype video conversations. You will save time by not having to travel to and from your classes. Appointments with your tutor are made directly and are flexible to meet your weekly schedule. Your private teacher will assess your educational objectives and create a personalized learning plan for you. As already said, language learning is comparable to learning an instrument; substantial practice is required. While this may look challenging, do not worry – there are various engaging and successful learning ways.

7. Varsity Tutors

It is refreshing to look at the world of tutoring through the Varsity Tutors website because each tutor profile is incredibly informative. When looking for a tutor, you should look for one with a college degree, whether they are certified to teach German, and if they are willing to meet in person. In order to have direct communication with the tutors, you must first request one. Requesting a tutor is as simple as clicking a button, and a support line is available if you prefer to chat with someone directly. I prefer this website for locating a German instructor because it appears to have a large number of tutors to select from, and the profiles include information such as interests, test results of ACT/SAT, and statements to help you create a personal connection with the tutor prior to the meeting.

Parting Shot

There is a deceptively simple method that is so interesting that you will forget you are practicing. Undoubtedly, we're talking about Preply. Preply is an excellent website for German language study. If you think that is preply legit, or not then don't worry, it's legit. It is not mysterious in any way. It's simple to gain the tutoring benefits! Utilize the resources given above to choose a quality online instructor, effectively explain your objectives, meet consistently, and complete your assigned work. You'll be surprised at the amount of progress you can make in just a few weeks.
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