Is Preply Worth It in 2024? Find Out in This Review

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 15, 2024

Is Preply Worth It in 2024? Find Out in This Review

What is Preply?

Preply is an e-learning network and linguistic education application. Preply is an internet based tutoring platform where each tutor sets his or her own pricing, which can be altered at any moment. As more teachers use Preply to provide opportunities for students, their ranking in the results pages will rise. Preply makes a concerted effort to attract students to the site and link them with tutors. They entice incoming students by including a professional headshot, an interesting video, and a welcoming teacher profile statement.

Teaching online is a fantastic opportunity to break free from the 9-to-5 grind and work remotely. Operating for the larger online teaching businesses, on the other hand, restricts many online tutors' earning possibilities and fails to fully exploit their abilities and expertise. Preply is a site where teachers may offer their services and connect with pupils from all over the globe. Preply assists teachers in marketing their services, including the creation of personalized websites for advertising to pupils outside of the Preply network.

Instructors have almost complete control over their classrooms while using Preply. They can set their own compensation rates, deliver their own lesson ideas, and approach and recruit students using their own methods.

Is Preply Worth It?

Preply is a solid opportunity for students to discover tutors at a cheap price while yet receiving a high-quality service. The choice is significantly broader here, and it isn't restricted to merely foreign languages. Preply is absolutely worth a shot. We have to admit that for a $5 per hour session, we are really pleased with the results.

There are several divisions for each instructional discipline that you can use to locate instructors for on Preply to assist you filter things down even further and find the perfect suitable teacher for you. From the perspective of a student, this is incredibly beneficial. There's also an option to retrieve only native speakers of the languages they're instructing, and when that is accomplished, you can sort by relevancy, reputation, pricing, feedback, and score.

Is Preply Legit?

Preply is a trustworthy business, and if you're concerned about its legitimacy, don't worry. Preply does not provide any training. It only serves as a conduit for you to contact its extensive directory of online tutors. Preply is really well-built, and the service functions flawlessly, therefore you can expect excellent service as a student or a tutor.

Preply is an excellent language learning site for pupils, and you'll almost certainly be able to locate a suitable tutor. If you're a student seeking for a certain teacher, you can post your position in the Find Students section, where you can specify the language, prerequisites, and pricing. So, all in all, you can be assured that whatever small amount you will be paying the instructor will not be wasted since their instructors are well versed in their respective disciplines and know how to keep the student engaged throughout while also clearing their concepts.

Preply Reviews

Certain reviews from people who have been using Preply services for quite long are as follows. These will certainly help you understand why we have been nothing but going all praise for this platform.

  • My encounter with Preply has been quite positive. It was quite simple for me to find the perfect tutor at the correct pricing. The Preply video and audio system is also quite simple to use. The voice quality is excellent. I have a fantastic French tutor who has created a programme just for me based on my age, level, and objectives. The process of enrolling in a series of courses was simple and straightforward. It was simple to schedule and reschedule. It comes highly recommended! I love being able to learn from the comfort of my own home!
  • For many years, I have endeavored to study Japanese in a variety of ways, including self-teaching, apps, various online learning programmes, high school, and college. However, this is by far the greatest. On Preply, I've made more progress with my instructor than I have in the past. Not only is it one-on-one, but the tutors on this website tailor your learning plan to your specific needs.
  • Discovering this website has been really beneficial to us. Audrey, our French tutor, is fantastic. We're utilizing the programme to help my kid keep up with her French. Audrey has done a fantastic job of boosting her self-esteem and talents. I can't say enough nice things about you. The site is simple to navigate, and the tutors respond to messages swiftly. This is something I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their language skills.

Why Preply?

There is no scarcity of Preply-like programs, thus this is the crucial aspect. Preply is well-built, and the service works flawlessly, so you can anticipate excellent assistance as a pupil and instructor, more than you find on other competitor platforms such as TutorMe, The Princeston Review, and varsity tutors.

Preply appears to have a far larger following than TutorMe. Preply is a lifesaver for students who wish to study or practice something new.

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