Top 5 Resources for Learning Face Recognition with Python

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 1, 2024

Top 5 Resources for Learning Face Recognition with Python

Face detection with a human eye is really easy but for a computer to do that, there have to be some guided instructions. In the world of coding, no instructions come simple. Face detection is a special form of computer vision technology. With face detection, you are able to identify people’s facial features within digital images. As coding has to be done in a programming language, Python goes well in face detection. Like all the other languages, you need to learn face recognition with Python as well. As you might not be able to access much of the printed material on this, the following are the top resources for learning face recognition with Python:

1.    Pluralsight

Pluralsight is one of the best online IT academies where you get a chance for updated learning. There are a number of courses specifically related to Face Detection with Python being offered for all the experience levels. So all the serious learners can easily get enrolled and start enhancing their knowledge and skills in no time. Moreover, there is another benefit of learning face detection with Pluralsight: you get to interact with real-time instructors.

2.    LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is your go-to for technical skills. Just like Pluralsight, it is a great online platform to learn face detection with Python. It offers broader categories for learning. In addition, there are a number of industry-led courses available. With a good learning track, you will be able to learn all the basic, fundamentals and core features of face detection. Gradually, you progress towards real-time Python coding for face detection. Make programs, launch and see how quickly you progress.

3.    Real Python

Real Python is one of the IT websites where all such newly emerging concepts like machine learning and computer vision are covered. The best thing is that it is specifically related to Python. With a number of online courses, video tutorials, quizzes and articles available, you can get your hands on to face detection with python in no time. From traditional to modern face detection with Python, it has it all explained.

4.    Towards Data Science

Towards Data Science is another well-known data science based website perpetuating machine learning, programming, visualization, Al and a lot more. The good news is that you can learn face detection with Python here. Towards Data Science has published a very informative tutorial on its website titled ‘A guide to Face Detection with Python’. This tutorial shows how to create and run a face detection algorithm in Python by using OpenCV and Dlib. In addition, numerous other features and basic implementations are also a part of this tutorial.

5.    PyImageSearch

PyImageSearch is another website in the computer vision niche. It specifically has to offer an array of courses, articles, and tutorials for machine learning and computer vision. Being offered various languages to learn in like Python using OpenCV and deep learning, you better not miss this great opportunity. It uses deep learning-based facial embedding that is highly accurate and capable of being executed in real-time. So you can practice as you learn.

Pluralsight Vs. LinkedIn Learning: Which Is Better?

Very often, there is great competition between various online learning platforms. Pluralsight and LinkedIn learning are two competitors. So when it comes to Pluralsight vs. LinkedIn Learning, there has to be a winner. Both Pluralsight and LinkedIn learning are high-end learning sources especially when it comes to IT-related subjects such as face detection with python. However, what gives Pluralsight an upper hand is that it comes with expert instructor assistance whereas you cannot avail of this opportunity on LinkedIn. There are no real-time instructors to help. Moreover, Pluralsight has a real-time project included without completing which you do not get a certificate. This offers hands-on experience on face detection, something that is very important but unfortunately missing in LinkedIn.
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