Top 6 Books to Learn MySQL in 2024

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

Top 6 Books to Learn MySQL in 2024

MySQL is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query Language (SQL). Ever since its release in 1995, it has let various enterprises to enjoy significant cost savings on a number of projects. And so, it’s definitely worth learning!

Whether you are a programmer, business intelligence expert, or data analyst, it is important to know MySQL.

Following are the top 6 best books to learn MySQL in 2020:

1. Murach’s MySQL by Joel Murach

If you are completely new to MySQL, get your hands on Murach’s MySQL. It will teach you everything right from the start. It comes in a simple language and is really organized. As you always need a good introduction to understand things better at later stages, this book is the best choice.

2. MySQL EXPLAINED: Your Step-By-Step Guide by Andrew Comeau

In order to understand MySQL, you need to have a good understanding of how the database works and how it is structured. MySQL Explained: Your Step-By-Step Guide is going to deliver exactly that. It will give you an overview of how data is stored in relational database systems and how data tables generally work.

3. Mastering MySQL 8 by Eric Vanier

If you are looking for a book to learn advanced features of MySQL 8, Mastering MySQL 8 by Eric Vanier is the best book available out there. It will help you understand all the advanced features such as transactional data dictionary, resource management, index optimizer and how to take their advantage.

4. MySQL in a Nutshell by Russel J. T. Dyer

This offers a detailed understanding of MySQL management setup. Each chapter allows you to have deep knowledge of one aspect before jumping onto the next one. By the end up, you will have great knowledge about installation, basic setup, security, and a lot more.

5. MySQL Pocket Reference by George Reese

MySQL Pocket Reference comes with all the key features of MySQL setup. It is really a short and handy book acting as a reference guide. However, as you practice, this book will help you greatly in learning MySQL.

It has simple yet effective tips for setting up users in database, configuring MySQL and several other things.

6. Understanding MySQL Internals by Sasha Pachev

Even though this book was written in 2003, it still serves as one of the top books to learn MySQL in 2019. This book guides you through the entire system of MySQL.

You will get to learn how MySQL operates on the inside-out. From core classes to methodologies as well as variables and custom control, you will dig into everything.

Where can you learn MySQL?

Apart from these books, the two platforms you can learn MySQL at are Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning. If you are confused whether to choose LinkedIn Learning or Pluralsight, we recommend going for Pluralsight as it has wider approach and course range to offer even with free trial. You can use all of the above mentioned books during your learning period with Pluralsight.

Happy learning!


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