Udemy vs Lynda

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 24, 2024

Udemy vs Lynda

How convenient would it be to bring the classroom environment into the comfort of your home?

Udemy and Lynda (recently absorbed into LinkedIn Learning) are online providers that take common learning techniques such as lectures and practice exercises out of the classroom to people globally via the internet. These classes can be accessed anywhere internet is available, making it possible for a student to learn at home, work, or even a coffee shop if they wanted!

Lynda and Udemy specifically focus their content towards adult aged people who already have experience in the working world.

It allows customers to educate themselves on their own time and invest as much or as little money they feel necessary.

These two online learning courses each have their own benefits, leading to the question: Which is better? This Udemy vs Lynda review will go over the basic offerings of each, so you can get a good idea of what will best enhance your instruction and educational development.

Udemy: Description & Review

This learning site is primarily focused on providing a platform for people to teach and learn about a topic of their choice. Going against other websites that offer classes online, Udemy uses a different technique. Instead of selling college courses, they allow people to sign up and make a course themselves to then sell for a profit.

This also differs from massive open online courses because you do not receive college credit for completing a class. Here are some of the features of Udemy that stood out in this Udemy vs Lynda review:

Lifetime Access

When buying a class, the student does not have to commit to a certain time frame to complete it in. Once a course is paid for, the buyer has lifetime access to those recourses. This allows people to learn at a pace and time that is most convenient for them. Eliminating timelines and added pressure will make this information more likely to sink in and provide a better learning experience. It is Udemy’s goal to offer a service that ensures unlimited learning potential in a much more accessible way.  They have an app for both iPhone and Android users in order for twenty percent of their customers to access their content on the go.

Business Development Opportunities

Another service that is offered by this company is Udemy for Business. This allows businesses to pay for their employees to take certain classes that will improve overall success. These companies can select from over 2,500 courses, ranging on topics from technology to design. Giving employers an opportunity to customize a course plan can guarantee their workers are learning the exact skills they need and in a consistent manner. Udemy also has the capability for the bosses of these companies to see how well their employees are doing on the courses. Having access to these learning patterns is crucial in making sure the content is understood.

Subject Matter Experts and Certifications

Udemy’s courses are taught by subject matter experts and some classes can give the student credit towards a technical certification. Dependent on the teacher, some classes may be cheaper or even free.

Diverse Course Selection

One of the great things about Udemy is the wide variety of class options there are. For instance, many businesses and individuals nowadays recognize that an important precursor to succeeding at work is a healthy lifestyle. If you want to start living healthier to improve your life in all aspects, there is a course offered called “Nutrition Masterclass: Build Your Perfect Diet & Meal Plan.” As busy as life can be in the working world, it is imperative to keep your body healthy which will make your mind healthy, too. This company offers courses that will improve your life in more ways than just work.

Udemy Program Specifications

  • Over 14 categories of classes to choose from
  • Price dependent on specific course
  • PowerPoints, live classes, and discussion boards are among available resources
  • Customizable based on needs/wants


  • Over 80,000 course options
  • Customizable business options
  • Lifetime access
  • No reoccurring fees
  •  Mobile accessibility


  • No free trial option
  • Only technical certification credit options, not college credit

Lynda (LinkedIn Learning): Description & Review

Lynda is a website that focuses on offering mostly software, business, creative skill and technology courses. It is also an online resource for learning that is not college-based content. For many years, Lynda was a site for its founder Lynda Weinman’s students to have access to her teachings and books. As the website progressed, it started offering multiple courses focused on producing creative leaders and entrepreneurs. A review of Lynda vs Udemy brought out these interesting differences:

Customizable Learning Platform

Lynda was eventually bought by LinkedIn and incorporated into a customizable learning site. By combining the job portfolio aspect of LinkedIn and the teaching platform from Lynda, a website was born that can suggest courses based on your work experience and current employment.

One of the biggest differences noted in this Lynda vs Udemy is the customized recommended content based on current job and experience. When linking these two accounts together, LinkedIn Learning can generate recommended classes based on the customer’s skill level and interests. They also suggest classes that other professionals in related fields are taking. This gives the buyer an extremely customized list of the best options to better themselves in the environment they work in.

Extensive Networking Options

Another premium feature this company offers is the ability to contact people one may not be connected with already on LinkedIn.

This allows the opportunity for workers to reach out to other people who might have insight on a certain job or to receive professional advice. It also allows the buyer to see who has looked at their profile in the past ninety days and gives them more information on potential competition for jobs they are interested in or have applied for.

Downloadable Courses for Ease of Access

One of the ways this company caters to its customers is by offering a downloadable option for all classes. Lynda knows people do not always have access to the internet when they want or need it.

By allowing people to download content on their mobile app, it guarantees wherever they are, students have the ability to spend time on their coursework. This further extends the opportunities to promote education passed school age.

Team Development Opportunities

They also offer classes for not only personal improvement but team developing as well. They promote assigning classes to employees to keep them productive and up to date on new skills or technology that might be newly implemented in the workplace.

With technology constantly changing, Lynda offers courses that can help keep people up to date. It can also prepare potential promoting employees stay on the upward movement by giving them the skills they need for proper leadership and management.

Monthly Subscription—with a Free 30-Day Trial

One thing to note in this Lynda vs Udemy review is the difference in payment options. With Udemy, enrollment is a one-time purchase. LinkedIn Learning is a monthly, subscription-based company. They offer a thirty-day free trial for anyone interested to try it out.

Within that monthly subscription, a customer has access to over 12,000 courses in five different languages. These languages include English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. There is no limit on how many courses a subscriber can watch. With new classes being added every week, this gives the customers access to many different options and unlimited skill learning potential.

Videos for Personal Development and Success

In any job, it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. A highly viewed and to the point class called “Discovering Your Strengths” is available on LinkedIn Learning. If you find out that one area where you need further development is productivity, a course called “Enhancing Your Productivity” is also available.

 Find new elements in Udemy and Lynda

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These general skill-improving videos take you back to the basics when it comes to how important self-awareness is in being successful.

Lynda (LinkedIn Learning): Program Specifications

  • Business, Tech, software and creative skill categories
  • Monthly or annual subscription
  • Combines teachings with LinkedIn account
  • No limit on class amounts
  • Quizzes and practice sheets available


  • Over 12,000 courses and more added every week
  • Unlimited access to classes
  • Recommended and customized options
  • Offline accessibility
  • Premium LinkedIn perks


  • Monthly cost in order to receive unlimited access
  • Non-refundable but able to cancel subscription at any time

Verdict - How Can I Try Online Learning?

As has been seen with this Udemy vs Lynda review, both online learning initiatives have a lot to offer, and each one is beneficial in its own ways. This may not be a learning style that is for everyone, but it is worth a try. For anyone that is on the go or enjoys learning on their own time, you would be a great candidate to try out these new educational systems.

If continuously learning about yourself and new skills is appealing to you, a subscription to Lynda is a smart investment. The benefits of a personalized list of suggests and unlimited class selection are worth the money.

Best of all, you can sign up for a LinkedIn Learning 30-day free trial. If improving your professional skills is something you are thinking about trying out, there’s no better way than a free trial. It is given as an option for customers to feel out the waters. The extremely knowledgeable teachers will undoubtedly pass on useful information, and the many resources will ensure an easy learning process.

For someone already aware of the areas and skills that they need to work on improving, purchasing an Udemy class on that subject is a beneficial move. It is the quickest way to purchase only what you need and gives you the opportunity to take your time and soak in the information the experts will teach you.

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