What Is The Most Affordable Way to Learn JavaScript?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 1, 2024

What Is The Most Affordable Way to Learn JavaScript?

Learning a skill like JavaScript has become easy. Firstly because of the internet which provides you countless lecture tutorials on the topic and secondly, because of learning platforms like Pluralsight. These learning platforms provide you a full course that is easy to follow and leaves you with hands-on experience with technical subjects. If you are looking to learn JavaScript at the most affordable price, signing up on Pluralsight can be your best bet. There is a variety of courses open to you if you subscribe to the website. Before we discuss that, let us look at what Pluralsight is.

Pluralsight – An Introduction

Pluralsight is a learning website which provides technical courses to the beginners as well as experts. This website is rich in variety and gives full access to its subscribers. These courses, explained in quite a depth, are particularly amazing for people who have previous knowledge of the topic at hand. If you are looking to learn JavaScript, you’ll find multiple options present from which you can choose. You can enroll in the course that best fits your needs. The best thing about this platform is that there are interactive mobile applications present as well. You can access the course at anytime, anywhere.

Why Choose Pluralsight – Is It Any Good?

There are free courses and material present over the internet, why would anyone want to pay for something they can learn for free? That is because Pluralsight provides you with high-quality content. The courses cover the topics in quite detail. The content is something that you will not find anywhere over the internet for free. Another benefit of choosing Pluralsight is that at the end of the course, you have to take an exam, which evaluates how much you have learned. If you pass that test, you receive a certificate of achievement. You can showcase this certificate in your portfolio as this is a good achievement. If someone had to ask if Pluralsight is worth it, the simple answer to this would be yes. It is worth the money and the time you invest in it. You will get back ten folds in terms of knowledge as a return. But things are not that simple. Pluralsight provides in-depth content. This makes it a little bit difficult for beginners to follow. However, if you already have the basic knowledge of JavaScript or are just refreshing your concepts, hop on. This will be the most amazing learning experience for you.

What Are The Other Users Saying About Pluralsight?

Pluralsight has been thoroughly reviewed. There have little to no complaints regarding this platform. Users are happy with the experience they get. Although there are a few courses that are low in quality, the platform is trying to make the quality of these courses better. If you are worried you might not like Pluralsight, the platform also provides a free trial.

Cost of Pluralsight

Pluralsight has a monthly subscription of $35 a month and yearly subscription of $299. The charges are a little higher if you opt for the premium subscription. However, if you compare it with other platforms, you’ll see that it is quite affordable especially in terms of the content it provides. For further information, see the Pluralsight pricing structure.

Final Verdict

Pluralsight is the best and affordable option available if you are looking to learn JavaScript or any other coding language for that matter.
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