What Is The Most Affordable Way To Learn Python?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

What Is The Most Affordable Way To Learn Python?

Nowadays, there are many ways to learn a skill. Internet provides you with countless material and even tutorial lectures. Python is a growing language and coders are moving towards it because of the ease with which they can code in this language. There are multiple learning platforms available as well that help you in acquiring the skill set of learning how to code in a specific language. Pluralsight is one of these platforms and can easily be termed as the most affordable ways of learning python.

What Is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is a course membership learning platform that allows you to gain knowledge by enrolling yourself in the course. You can find an abundance of data on their site and it is all available for a monthly subscription. There are various courses taught by the specialists in their field and you can get full access to their list of more than 6,000 courses from which you can pick any course you prefer. However, if you are worried whether Pluralsight might be the best option for you or not, you can avail the free trial provided by the website. There are interactive mobile applications present as well. You can have access to the courses anywhere and at any time.

Some Benefits of Pluralsight:

  1. The monthly subscription fee is quite reasonable.
  2. There are amazing courses that are taught by professionals.
  3. You have the option to choose from multiple courses.
  4. At the end of the course, after you pass the exam, you receive a certificate of achievement. You can showcase that certificate in your resume and build an amazing portfolio.
  5. There is email and phone support available.
Although there are some issues with this platform, for example, this platform only provides technical courses and few of them are not up to the mark, but Pluralsight is working towards replacing these courses with better ones and making the user experience better and better. Another issue some beginners might face is the fact that the content is perfect only for the professionals and those having prior knowledge of the subject. Beginners find it difficult to follow up at the start.

Is Pluralsight Premium Worth It?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Pluralsight is worth the time and money you invest in it. At the end of the course, you have a skill in hand and a certificate to show. With the demanding market, having proof that you have a certain skill, python in our case, is quite important. Another reason is that it provides you with amazing user experience. You have many courses to choose from and the mobile application makes it quite easy to follow the courses anywhere and at any time.

Cost of Pluralsight

Pluralsight has a monthly subscription fee of $35 a month and yearly subscription fee of $299. The charges are a little higher if you opt for premium personal subscription. However, if you compare it with other platforms, you’ll notice that it is quite affordable especially owing to the content it provides. For further information, check out the Pluralsight pricing here.


If you’re still confused whether you should go with Pluralsight or not, you should consider signing up for a free trial. You will find that this is the best option to learn Python. If you are still confused, you should read some of the customer reviews, and get to know what people are saying about their experience.
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