21kschool Review for 2024 - is it Worth It for Your Child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 13, 2024

21kschool Review for 2024 - is it Worth It for Your Child?

21kschool Review

21K School is India's first online-only school. They deliver honest, high-quality training regardless of the situation or location. Their professors and students originate from all around the world; talk to their counselors to discover whether they're a better match for your kids.

Learning that is both personalized and adaptable

Your kid and you will be able to continue in the same school regardless of your status or location with 21K School. Gifted pupils, elite athletes, and slow learners will benefit from the program since they may set their own speed.


Their technology-enabled learning platform gives meaningful and fast feedback so you can track your students' progress, and they can analyze the data to identify trouble spots and direct attention to them.

Learning based on skills

They even cover the national curriculum framework's standards, as well as a variety of electives that students can pick from during their stay at 21K School. Because they don't have time to commute, many students use their leisure time studying languages, performing arts, and participating in sports.

Academic Excellence is a Goal

They recruit top professors from throughout the country for their school since 21K is location agnostic, which is incredibly useful for students who do not have access to great education in their hometown. Many of their students come from cities all around India and the world.

Some Of the Drawbacks

The administrators and coordinators continuously inform the instructors that there have been several complaints filed against them... Parents have raised concerns. When instructors inquire about the complaint, however, administration and coordinators are unable to provide an explanation. We assume that complaints are directed at the administration since there have been situations when there is no instructor in the classroom, children are waiting, and parents are complaining because there is a confusion after each session due to their ostensibly excellent system.

During the interview, the boss offers a lot of promises. But, in reality, everything is a sham. Instead of being there for the employees throughout the pandemic, they harass them. This establishment's management is atrocious. They are unable to fulfill their promises.

All about 21kschool

21K School was not created in reaction to a pandemic or a school lockdown. For nearly a year, they've been working on this. Despite the fact that the epidemic hastened the use of online education, they were well prepared to launch the online school. Their mission is to make everyone's 15 years of schooling meaningful and enjoyable.

There are thousands of pupils that choose not to attend a physical school for various reasons. Some kids have discovered their calling and chosen careers in sports, culture, and the arts. These students are unable to dedicate six to eight hours per week to physical education. Some children are physically challenged, psychologically stressed, or are receiving medical treatment, making attendance at a physical school challenging.

They can go to school by enrolling in an online school that offers 1 to 3 hours of classes each day and the flexibility to learn at any time and from any location. This school received favorable responses from two to three cities, but it was also criticized by many others. These parents came to us because they wanted greater diversity in the classroom and better teachers. These classes have students from a wide range of geographical and cultural backgrounds. The environment in these sessions is wonderful, and it's unlike anything you'd anticipate. Attendance is compulsory in all classes. They conduct assessments, examinations, PTMs, and regular activities at the conclusion of each term, as well as provide report cards.

Teachers-to-students ratio

They have 321 students from 25+ cities in India and beyond last year. In pre-primary, the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:8, while in primary, it is 1:15. This year, they expect approximately 2000 students from India and overseas to enroll with them.

Before beginning work at the school, teachers get specialized training.

They have the benefit of being able to hire highly trained, experienced teachers from all around the country. They all come from big cities and have outstanding teaching and IT skills. They are, above all, compassionate and caring individuals with a great level of empathy. This online learning protocol was created by them. Throughout the year, all instructors are taught and supervised in a variety of teaching, value-based, and technological skills. Thanks to technology, they are able to monitor every class that is held and provide quick feedback to teachers in order to improve teaching, learning, and engagement in the classroom. However, the drawback here for teachers is that the pay scale is not based on the pay commission.

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