360TRAINING Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 5, 2024

360TRAINING Review - Is It Worth It?

Today’s modern lifestyle has left little time for ourselves, this is why platforms like 360TRAINING are perfect, because your next certification is just a few clicks away. No need to commute to a far off institute you can get real industrial certifications by completing the courses on this forum.

360TRAINING’s Ideology

Unlike most platforms, 360TRAINING’s target audience are the people who are actively searching for a job or already at a job and want a promotion. They focus on providing their customers with industrial experience in fields like construction, food management and many more.

Often such specialized courses require you to take time off and get a certification from an institute, but 360TRAINING makes sure that you can get the same experience and same training without placing everything in jeopardy.

Courses Offered

Keeping with their ideology, 360TRAINING offers over 270 courses that cover a variety of topics and definitely carry merit in the practical world. These industry-based courses help you improve your skills in terms of labor so you can get a good job. If you are looking for courses on writing or coding, you can forget it. 360TRAINING has a very limited selection of courses and they are all based on necessary labor jobs. Most websites overlook these fields of education while in the end most people end up working in these or similar fields.

Teaching Style

The majority of online platforms send already recorded lectures and resource material to their students’ inbox. Our favorite feature about 360TRAINING’s teaching style is how they have tried to overcome the online barriers and offer direct assistance to each student. On top of the resources and recorded lectures, 360TRAINING offers workshops led by experienced regulatory trainers.

They also have a top notch support team which is always quick to respond and will be there to help you whenever you need it. This is great for those of us who like extra questions to fully grasp the concepts being discussed, because sometimes videos just don’t cut it. While the time duration for the courses is flexible and definitely easy to catch up with, many find the structure to be boring and say it doesn’t motivate interest.

Application Process

We especially like the application process at 360TRAINING. Unlike other platforms for which you browse around and try to figure out which course matches your needs. However, at 360TRAINING they have a very straightforward path that notifies you of all the certifications that will help you excel in your career path. The platform is designed to provide as many useful certifications as it can that are related to the job you have requested. This way you won’t have to do any separate research to know what kind of course will help you out the most.

However, what we found most interesting about 360TRAINING was that even though they are a regulatory training platform, they don’t ask for any previous certifications when you sign up for a course and there are no changes in the course syllabus depending on which place you work in. Different states and countries have varying rules about labor jobs such as construction and real estate and it is part of your institute’s job to train you accordingly.

It really makes us wonder if 360TRAINING provides a universal certification or is it limited to one area that will conflict with the regulations in your place of residence. We would recommend doing some additional research in comparison to their regulation standard and your state’s before investing in the course.


Usually industrial courses cost a lot, and we were expecting similarly high price points on this forum too. But we were pleasantly surprised. Instead of subscription fees like most platforms, 360TRAINING has individual price points for each course.

Of course this is dependent on time duration, specialization and difficulty of the program. While the range of prices can be anywhere from 10 US dollars to 1000 US dollars we are very happy to report that most courses lie below the 100 US dollar bracket. Making this one of the best institutes for those on a tight budget!


In a place where most educational platforms focus on technology or art based education, 360TRAINING gives us those real-life skills that will help us get a good job fast. Not only do they make it a point to provide cheap education, they set themselves apart from the average online education style by providing a quick response team of teachers that will be there to support you in your journey.

Picking a course to do from their catalog is definitely easy because you are sure to find at least one thing you are interested in.  But we can’t guarantee if you get bored while taking the course, while they offer great education you’ll have to find the motivation for yourself!

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