ABCya Review For 2024. Is it worth it for your child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 17, 2024

ABCya Review For 2024. Is it worth it for your child?


We all know the Importance of Online Learning for students and teachers. Due to online learning, many educational challenges have become easier for those students who want to learn more and more without having any difficulty.

As technology is growing more advanced and the knowledge of users is getting better,  it is increasingly boosting the popularity of virtual education. It is proven that digital education is a successful method of learning new things and it has many different benefits as compared to traditional education.

ABCya is providing more than three hundred entertaining and educational games for grades Pre Kindergarten to 6+. The activities of ABCya are basically designed based upon the input from parents and educators, who think that children can learn much better by having fun in their studies.

The Purpose of designing ABCya

ABCya was the brainchild of a web developer with a passion for education. He became a computer science teacher and developed educational videos, different activities, and educational games for elementary students. In this app/website every subject is included. You simply need to click on your education level ( Prekindergarten to 6+) and you will find which things are available under the categories of arts, language, and other subjects.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that ABCya is a website that organizes games by educational level ( Prekindergarten to 6+) and the categories of subjects which is included letters, numbers, holiday games, and many more.

How games can be played on ABCya

Games include arcade-style games. The kids need to use arrow keys to play, racing games that can be played online against other players, word-finding games that can be played on-screen or printed, typing games, and more.

In some games, children may need their parents or their instructor for reading the brief instructions, but most parts of the games are self-explanatory, even for those kids who are in younger grades.

ABCya is free or do we need a subscription?

The free version of ABCya includes banner ads, which normally appear on the home page of the app/website and all game pages. These ads are displayed when you don't have a subscription of ABCya. If the student's parents sign up for a free subscription, they can save only three favorite games but if they opt for a subscription (which costs 9.99 dollars a month, 44.99 dollars for six months, and 69.99 dollars for the year), they get rid of all ads and unlock premium features as well.

Which thing makes ABCya is a great website?

ABCya is a great website because it can be used to educate young children from kindergarten to grade 6+. On this website/app games and activities are structured according to grade level. It gives us much reason to believe that ABCya is a great website for use in the classroom. One reason is that many games have different levels. It means that students who are more intelligent or advanced can choose harder levels for them instead of those who are still learning the skill in the beginning levels. The second reason to use ABCya is that it is a great website because the games make learning fun for the students. Students don't even realize that they are practicing or learning the skills. A large number of students want to play again and again on ABCya because they think it is fun to learn.

What a great combination ABCya has that while practicing skills students can have fun too. Finally, there is a kid-friendly educational website that is easy to use. The buttons for navigation are consistent, due to this students learn easily and quickly that how to operate the site. This is a perfect site for teachers looking to teach their students the practical skills they've learned in the classroom.

Generation Genius is also a learning app for a K-eight teaching resource that brings school science standards to life. From this website students can learn educational videos which are linked with lesson plans, do quizzes, activities, reading materials with the guidelines of the teacher while having some fun too. Through games, children play with more interest.


Generation Genius isn't always perfect for a person who's seeking out an internet site for those students who want to learn classroom skills. That's why it is not ideal for those students who are looking for a website that is providing some learning skills material. ABCya provides activities on those subjects as well that may not be covered in the classroom such as keyboarding and Internet safety.

So, if you are looking for a website that is easy to use where students can practice their skills then ABCya is a website that is made for you and your students.

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