Adventure Academy Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
July 30, 2020

Adventure Academy Review - Is It Worth It?

When we think of educational platforms, we always think of online institutes for adults, a place which is a virtual representation of the academic abilities of a university. However, these facilities shouldn’t be limited to adults but also for kids as well. And this is exactly where platforms like Adventure Academy come into the picture.

Adventure Academy’s Ideology

Adventure Academy is unlike any other educational platform that you have ever seen. They aim to provide education to kids in a way that is relatable and fun for them. Kids don’t respond to typical online learning methods like adults do, so adventure academy wants to create a forum where the kids feel as if they aren’t even studying at all. This will be a place where kids look at mundane subjects like mathematics, science, language and social studies in a new light; as a game that they need to conquer.

Teaching Style

Following their ideology, the owners of adventure academy have created exactly what the name suggests. When you open their home page, you will feel as if you have the wrong link because instead of looking like a teaching site, it will seem as you have been transferred to an MMO game site. But don’t worry, this is all by design. Like we had stated before that these creators wanted to motivate kids towards these ordinary subjects through extraordinary means. The children will feel as if they are playing any regular MMO game on their device as usual, where they dress up their avatar and go on missions and fulfill tasks. But in reality, these tasks and missions will be subject related problems that the kids will solve as a way to excel in their virtual game. Most kids run away from the sound of study time, but in this way, they will trick themselves into studying more and more and most importantly, they will do it happily!

Application Process

Because it’s all about teaching kids in a fun way, adventure academy was careful that the application process was very simple. Just your email address, name and payment information and your account are ready for you to dive in and start all the learning fun.


Our favorite thing about adventure academy is that they know they are going to be dealing with kids from all kinds of financial backgrounds. This is exactly why they have made sure to place a very nominal monthly fee on their games and even offer the first month completely free. This is great for parents who are a bit skeptical about giving their money to an unknown website and gives them a trial run to get to love this forum as much as we do.

Minimum Device Requirements

Just like all MMO games, this one too requires high-quality resolution and graphics for you to make use of all the features they offer completely. And just like all MMO games, there are a few devices that they work best with. While adventure academy can be used on all kinds of operating systems like Windows and Mac, it is best suited for IOS and Android devices. So it is best if you install their application and let your kids play on your mobile device, but if you don’t want to do that, then it can work pretty well on desktops as well.


In this modern age, inevitably, your kids will sooner or later discover the world of online virtual games. So it’s best that instead of letting your kids play violent or useless games, this is one where they can have all the fun of a game but also learn something as well. And you don’t even have to worry about wasting your money because you get a one-month free trial and you can easily cancel the subscription if you don’t love it.
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