Agnitus review for 2024. Is it worth it for your child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 17, 2024

Agnitus review for 2024. Is it worth it for your child?


Are you homeschooling your children? Teaching your kid may require you to put a great effort into developing a curriculum and adding fun entertaining games. Parents want to make studies easy and understandable with some fun. Now you are probably thinking, that how do you make your child’s education easy with some fun learning. That's why we are going to give you a review about an educational app which is called "AGNITUS"

What is the Agnitus app?

Agnitus is a fun and educational app that helps your child (age 2 to 7) with preschool and Kindergarten fundamentals.

Agnitus works on Kindle, Android Tablet, and iPad. It has more than 45 educational games for children of 2-6 years old.

There’s are various learning apps that are educating children these days, but this app isn’t a fluff app that simply keeps your infant quiet. Moreover, the advantage of this application is that your child will spend time learning with the help of educational games that also improve their intellectual abilities.

What's It about?

In this app children practice mathematics and language techniques like counting, outlining letters, patterns, and letter recognition, among others. Children can choose where they should get started but the games which are present in the app are random. The levels get difficult after every stage. Children get stars by playing games although the main purpose for these stars is undefined. In this app, parents can see very detailed progress reports of their children. In the report, it is described that what children are playing and it displays the child’s strength as well as areas for improvement.

Things Parents Need to Know About It

Some things which parents need to know about Agnitus are that – It is a Personal Learning Program and it has a collection of literacy and math games that increase in difficulty as children progress in the app. For improvement in academic skills, there are a few games which are about other subjects, from tooth brushing to career choices. Once kids enter the theme cycle, they can play unlimited, to stop them parents can set time limits on the app.

Agnitus is available for free or needs a subscription?

The Agnitus app is providing a monthly subscription by availing this subscription children get access to play all the games and parents will also get detailed reports of their children with weekly emails. Without a subscription you can avail a limited number of games, that's why am recommending buying a full version. You can get a free 30-day subscription while having three paying options:

Paying 99 cents per month you will get one book and one skill per day skill and 1 book per day.

Paying $3.99 per month will give your child all accessible books and skills

Paying $6.99 per month will give you access to each and everything, which includes worldwide grades, multiple children profiles and progress reports.

Is it an adequate app or not?

AGNITUS- PERSONAL LEARNING PROGRAM has a lot of games, which are well designed and these games provide great opportunities for skills improvement. The greatest strength of this app is that the challenge level keeps growing so at every level children get new level challenges. It gives detailed reports to the guardians about that what their children are learning.

It has some games that are not well explained. For example, the counting game by using food might confuse these children.

How it is useful for parents

This app is a useful method for home-schooling and for those parents who are trying to increase educational efforts for their children apart from the school in an entertaining way. This app provides a curriculum for preschool to 3rd grade, due to this you can easily use this app for many years and you can easily bring this educational app with you on traveling.

There is another virtual learning app called CURIOUS WORLD. It is a friendly developed app that provides a way for children to learn by themselves by playing and watching interactive games.  It has licensed videos, games, and ebooks. In this app you can learn with fun. But one thing is that they do not provide progress reports through emails like Agnitus App.


Agnitus app helps you to prepare your preschool to the third-grade child to get a smooth entry into traditional learning environments. Smart progression-based technology is used in this app to provide support to your children.

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