American Council on Exercise Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 5, 2024

American Council on Exercise Review - Is It Worth It?


Obesity has plagued modern society for decades. As we spend day after day, buried in the comfort afforded by technology, our health standards take the toll. Our predecessors spent considerable time engaging themselves in strenuous activity, and hence did not face fitness issues. Alas, such is not the case with us. It has become imperative for people to join fitness programs to keep their bodies in shape. And this is where the American Council on Exercise kicks in.

Since hoards of people are rushing towards gyms and training centers, the demand for fitness trainers has skyrocketed. Whether it be a personal trainer or a group instructor, trained personnel are in high demand. American Council on Exercise offers highly immersive and interactive fitness training courses, to prepare you for your profession. After completing these courses, you'll be able to lead fitness sessions and earn a decent salary from it. This article aims at dissecting and evaluating the website, neutrally and analytically.

What is the American Council on Exercise?

The American Council on Exercise, often shortened as ACE, is a learning platform that operates both online and offline to impart fitness training education. The website helps professionals excel in their training niche and also imparts quality and credibility to their repertoire. Generally, there are four categories of fitness programs being offered.

The first one is “personal trainer”, meant to educate a trainee about the skill needed to instruct people in one-on-one sessions. The second one is “group fitness instructor”, which is the same thing but with groups rather than private sessions. “Health coach”, the third category blends the concept of effective diet plans and exercise to help you lead people into generally healthy lives. The last one is “Medical Exercise Specialist”, this course will prepare you for helping people combat the physical stresses of old age and diseases.

All of these categories are further subdivided into several specific courses. All of these courses are highly specialized and will prepare you to take on professional challenges. There are three different payment tiers with varying options. The highest one, the advanced tier, offers the most features but also costs the most. In any case, you get access to intuitive courses and even get to interact with instructors. In case you don't feel like taking an online course, you can request an 8-hour in-person workshop too. The website has a great deal of perks to offer, including resource material, blogs, and store products.


The site excels in many areas:

  • There are four different programs, tailored specifically for their respective niches.
  • The site offers three different tiers, with advancing options and costs, to try out.
  • They offer a summer sale with up to 50% off.
  • The courses are intuitive, immersive, and interactive; you'll enjoy the learning experience.
  • They offer both online courses and in-person 8-hour workshops.
  • The courses are goal-oriented, they ensure that you gain something from it.
  • They offer free webinars, and you can always contact the support staff to make an informed choice.
  • You can browse through their blog and resource library to gain perspective and further excel in your field.


There are a few downsides too:

  • The courses are expensive, although they do offer discounts. But a higher price also reflects better quality.
  • The courses are designed for professionals, not people seeking to lose weight.

Key Pages to Visit

The first place you ought to see is the homepage, which highlights almost everything the site has to offer. If you wish to become a specialist in a niche, you can check out their specialty certification page. For those seeking to carry on their fitness education, then continuing education page is the stop.

Professionals, who wish to renew their certificates, must check out their recertification page. If you’re unsure about where to begin or what the site has to offer, check out their ACE Fitness & Lifestyle Blog. You can check out their resource collection in the Exercise Database & Library. You can also browse through their products in their store.


ACE is an effective learning platform. Exercise, from a professional perspective, is a key hard skill, and its acquisition will help you get a long way in your career. Building a career on a skill basis requires certification and you’ll also need to associate yourself with reputable names. ACE offers you all of this, not only has the organization earned a name for itself, its programs will set you straight in your niche. Professional fitness trainers are in high demand in the modern times as people strive to combat the scourge of obesity. If you are an aspiring fitness trainer, this website is meant for you and you will benefit from it.

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