At Your Pace Online (AYPO) Review- Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 6, 2024

At Your Pace Online (AYPO) Review- Is It Worth It?

Not everyone can say that they have the time to diversify their skillset. This is why platforms like AYPO are perfect, because you can work in the day and whenever you have the time you can study and advance academically. It is important to constantly improve yourself and become better than you were yesterday, so thanks to the internet and the many educational forums you can do exactly that without even leaving the couch.

AYPO’s Ideology

As you can guess from the name “At Your Pace Online”, is a platform that allows you to take courses in a time duration that is comfortable to you. Unlike most platforms, AYPO’s target audience are the people who are actively searching for a job or already at a job and want a promotion. So there are no time limits and immediate complete access to the course so the fast learners don’t have to slow down and those of us who need more time don’t feel overwhelmed.

Courses Offered

Keeping with their ideology, AYPO offers very limited courses but they definitely carry merit in the practical world. These industry-based courses help you improve your skills in terms of labor so you can get a good job. If you are looking for courses on writing or coding, you can forget it. AYPO has a very limited selection of courses and they are all based on necessary labor jobs, like Auto Dealing, Insurance, Real Estate and even Water Operation. Most websites overlook these fields of education while in the end most people end up working in these or similar fields.

Teaching Style

Most online platforms use pre recorded lectures and already ready resource materials for their students. Our favorite feature about AYPO’s teaching style is how they have tried to overcome the online barriers and offer direct assistance to each student. On top of the resources and recorded lectures, AYPO offers one on one sessions with the mentor who is always quick to respond and will be there to help you whenever you need it. This is great for those of us who like extra questions to fully grasp the concepts being discussed, because sometimes videos just don’t cut it.

Application Process

We especially like the application process at AYPO. Unlike other platforms for which you browse around and try to figure out which course matches your needs. However, at AYPO they have a very straightforward path where you pick your field of choice, the state you intend to work in, and automatically all relevant courses will pop up. They even provide a list of all the things you have to know before you’ll be eligible for a job so you can check off the items you already know and pick the courses you want. Be careful if you are someone who is not living in the United States, or even if you are american but can’t find your state on their list. When it comes to industrial jobs like these, each country and state has their own laws. This means that the amount of education and courses required will differ according to where you live. So make sure you do your own research too instead of blindly doing a course that may end up being completely useless. Also some places don’t accept online certification for industrial job applications, so make sure you know your state’s rules before applying.


A major downside to AYPO is the astonishingly high price points attached to each course. No matter how many positive reviews you hear it is a bit daunting to pay such a huge amount to a company you can’t even meet.


In a place where most educational platforms focus on technology or art based education, AYPO gives us those real-life skills that will help us get a good job fast. They have set themselves apart from the average online education style by providing a quick response team of teachers that will be there to support you in your journey. While we love their style, you will have to take a leap of faith and deposit that huge course fee. This is definitely not for those who are on a tight budget
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