Blockchain Council Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 5, 2024

Blockchain Council Review - Is It Worth It?

The world is going digital, are you? Bitcoin and assorted crypto-currency have amassed an unprecedented following in the last decade. With the prospect of making whopping profits from online trade and benefiting from the exchange rates, millions have dived in the blockchain business. Just like any sector, blockchain requires a certain level of knowledge and expertise on the part of an investor or worker. Learning blockchain may seem hard but that’s not how Blockchain Council makes you see.

This online teaching service is dedicated to empowering people through proper knowledge of the subject. They have worked for years and have excelled at delivering the ultimate learning experience for this tricky area. This article is intended to dissect the website and evaluate its potential. It is an unbiased assessment of the website and a judgment of whether you should join it or not.

What is Blockchain Council?

Blockchain Council is more than just an online learning platform, it is a group of experts who use research-based data to help further students' knowledge in the matter. Cases, products, and knowledge are all employed as potent teaching tools. Blockchain is a sector that concerns businesses, enterprises, individual investors, traders, and eCommerce students. Gone are the days when unsecure physical transactions were the norm, and with the threat of COVID-19, more people have made a shift to the virtual world.

With the advent of modern online transaction processes, business owners must keep up the pace lest they go extinct. This is where the Blockchain Council makes its entry. It targets all people associated with crypto-currency and offers them courses that will help them excel in the business. They simulate a competitive business environment and raise awareness about the merits of making this transition. And they phrase it so humbly by saying that they are an online education platform teaching people about Blockchain technology.

They have 16 unique and intense online courses designed to help you explore and ace various aspects of blockchain technology. These courses range from simple Blockchain to Etherium to Hyper-ledger to Smart Contract and so many more. All of these courses are designed to elevate and empower you in the target field and help you get the best out of them with an immersive learning experience. The council also offers a membership program where you can exchange ideas and seek inspiration from fellow blockchain enthusiasts. Members are also credible for several discounts on certificates and get access to several free self-help eBooks.

They commence fresh batches every month with instructor-led training programs. There are usually 1-2 trainers per program, and an average program lasts for some hours. These programs are immersive and help the students interact with their instructors to gain the maximum from each lesson. Another important factor is the virtual nature of the program that eliminates the social barrier that keeps people from asking questions.


The site offers are a great deal to its students:

  • These courses will help you get hired easily.
  • They will provide you with a thorough and in-depth understanding of the Blockchain.
  • You’ll be equipped to apply blockchain lessons on real-time business scenarios.
  • Once you’ve bought them, you’ll have unlimited access to those videos.
  • You get certified in the relevant field after qualifying for the course.
  • You will have access to the finest instructors, eager to assist you throughout the program.
  • Once you get certified, your name will be mentioned on the website.


There are some areas where the website struggles:

  • Its prices are a bit high, but they do offer several discounts to make up for it.
  • Instructor-led sessions start only once every month.

Key Pages to View

Once you’ve taken a look at the homepage, you can take a tour of the website. The first stop should be the certifications page, from here you can move on to the online degree page. The instructor-led courses page is also worth taking a look at, and if unsure how to proceed, you can always reach out to them via the contact us page.


The website is ideal for those seeking to excel in the blockchain world. Cryptocurrency is on the rise and it pays to adapt in time, rather than having to drag yourself later on. The site deserves a visit and if you wish to pursue the blockchain business, you definitely should try out their courses.

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