Brainpop Review for 2024 - Is It Worth It for Your Child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
December 21, 2021

Brainpop Review for 2024 - Is It Worth It for Your Child?


Dr. Avraham Kadar founded BrainPOP in 1999 as a fun way to communicate tough subjects to his young patients. They've grown into a trusted learning resource that supports core and extra topics and reaches millions of students around the world. Regardless, they are excited to expand their learning tools and assist children in creating, constructing, and collaborating as they explore their surroundings.

BrainPOP is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable online learning mediums for children, encompassing a wide range of topics. Brainpop is a collection of educational websites featuring over 1,000 short animations, questionnaires, and other resources for children in grades K-12, encompassing science, social studies, English, math, technology and engineering, health, arts, as well as music. The films and other materials are related to state education standards and are intended to interest students as well as assist teachers and homeschoolers. The characters Tim and Moby appear in the majority of the videos. The company also offers Brainpop Jr. for younger children, in addition to for older children (grades K-3)

Is Brainpop Worth It?

"BrainPOP has earned a recognition for excellence, compassion, and strong teacher assistance." Many honors and accolades have been bestowed upon Brainpop and its products. The majority of the reviews for the websites and movies have been positive, but there have been a few bad ones as well. According to a review in Common Sense Media, "BrainPOP is a forerunner in the development of high-quality, self-directed online educational content. A year's subscription is worthwhile because there is enough content on BrainPOP for a child to explore for at least a year."

Brainpop movies can be used to establish a fresh lesson or topic, to illustrate difficult subject content, or to review material before an exam. The content is connected with state education requirements in the United States and can be searched by theme or state requirement. The site also includes quizzes, instructional games, experiments, and other relevant content that students may use interactively to reinforce the skills taught in the movies.

Is Brainpop Legit?

Brainpop is unquestionably a reliable source of information. Kids in schools with a BrainPOP subscription did better on statewide standardized tests than students in non-subscribing schools, according to their effectiveness study: The effect was consistently positive, numerically substantial at the p0.10 level, and replicated in five states.

BrainPop is utilised by parents, homeschooling, and many others in more than 25% of U.S. schools and indeed many schools beyond the U.S. With such statistics, we are sure that you will not rule it out as a non-legitimate platform.

Is Brainpop Safe?

A fantastic first site for toddlers because it is simple and safe. Free online tutorials in math, humanities, and other subjects. They're a dependable learning resource that supports core and extra topics and reaches millions of students throughout the world.

As per us, after all the research we have done on this platform, we would definitely say that it is one of the safest websites for kids to spend time.

Brainpop Reviews

We found mixed reviews over the internet, which is why we will be adding a few of each to better help you understand about this platform and analyze which one works best for you.

  • We've been using Brainpop since he was in fourth grade, and my kid is now in seventh grade. It's a hit with him! Moby and Tim are hilarious characters, and my son enjoys their antics so much that he looks forward to each lesson that involves a Brainpop video. They explain things clearly and in a way that children can understand and relate to. In our homeschool, we've used and continue to utilize a variety of online resources and programmes, but Brainpop is by far our favorite!
  • A poor educational resource for children.

They are biased on problems, and the facts they provide as facts are absolutely wrong. We bought for their app years ago, but now they are promoting their ideals rather than being a neutral for children. Unprofessional

  • BrainPOP is very awesome overall. It provides a lot of entertaining videos for children to watch. Following the videos, there are additional activities such as a quiz and related reading. I enjoy that there's also BrainPOP Espanol, which allows Spanish children and individuals who wish to learn Spanish to learn stuff as well. I simply wish it updated the vids more frequently.
  • Aside from the fact that it is boring and that every teacher enjoys it, you can easily discern their political viewpoint. I would not recommend it because there are better ways to teach and better things that they do not address.
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