Is Brainstation Worth It in 2024? Find Out in Our Review

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 14, 2024

Is Brainstation Worth It in 2024? Find Out in Our Review

Brainstation is a Toronto-based coding boot camp that offers a series of short, part-time courses that lead to the Microsoft IT Specialist certification.  Brainstation delivers a complete and accredited learning experience that prepares students for the web and software development industry. This curriculum is designed and taught by some of the world’s top software talent. Brainstation will help you with the confidence, experience, and connections you need to transform your career.

In this Brainstation review, you will get to know about the programs that you can study online and also about the campuses of Brainstation. By knowing about the popularity and worth of Brainstation courses you can decide if Brainstation courses are worth it, if Brainstation is legit, and if Brainstation is safe.

Safe to use

Brainstation is a safe and easy way to quickly and reliably create custom training plans for your students that will help them achieve their education goals. Brainstation is now the only online learning management system that includes all of the core components of an award-winning classroom teaching platform with no additional licensing fees. Based on proven technology, including the World Literacy software suite, and certified by educators and schools worldwide, Brainstation reviews is built to help teachers and school leaders make better use of technology in the classroom.

Campuses of Brainstation

Brainstation is a 21st-century education and entrepreneurship school that blends web development, UX/UI Design, and marketing into a project-based learning program offered at toolkit locations across London, Toronto, NYC, Miami, Vancouver, Chicago, and Boston. Courses range from two weeks to three months and can be taken part-time or full-time, and feature an apprenticeship model that connects students directly with industry professionals for internships and job opportunities. Brainstation students graduate with the skills needed to gain entry-level positions in the booming tech industry.

Courses and their worth

Brainstation offers both full-time and part-time courses for the ease of students. Brainstation courses offer a variety of personal and professional development programs to help you accelerate your career potential. Brainstation builds their courses with job market intelligence, providing graduates with skills tailored to meet employers' needs. Brainstation courses include immersive programs that center on the fundamentals of technology, design & digital business, creative & leadership skills, and coding to advance your career.

Digital business

Brainstation’s Path to Profit course is the first part of the Digital Business foundation, presented by industry experts from Brainstation. From basic foundations to more advanced topics, this course will teach you the skills to create a full-fledged business plan, optimize your online presence, and adapt to changing business models. This comprehensive 28-day program includes tutorials, checklists, assignments, videos, and more.

If you're just getting started in business, ongoing education is an absolute must, and Brainstation has designed this program to be the perfect solution. Frequent check-ins with your instructor allow for insights into how other small businesses operate, the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other successful entrepreneurs, and a place to ask questions you never would have thought to ask. Plus, this online course allows students from all over the globe to connect through Slack, Google Hangouts, screen sharing, and Skype. In short? It's a 100% hands-on learning experience that's convenient for you.


Brainstation's full-time Web Development Immersive (WDI) courses teach you the latest and most relevant coding skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. By building your knowledge base using real-world tools and technologies, we help ensure that you're equipped to tackle the challenges of change and the opportunities that come with it. Brainstation's Full-Time Web Development Immersive (WDI) is an 18-week part-time course that builds on an initial 6-week pre-course giving you 24 weeks of training. This reduces your time in school while allowing you to work part-time or continue working full-time. Students will learn coding by making their own websites and blogs. This course will get you started on coding and making money with your computer!

Data Analytics Program

Is your organization looking to fill a gap in your data science unit? Brainstation's Data Analytics program provides a comprehensive foundation of useful skills and techniques that their students have been using for over six years. In just eight weeks, you'll learn to use algorithms and cloud-based software tools to solve any challenge you might encounter at work – whether it's predicting customer behavior or identifying patterns in web traffic. Brainstation's classes use clean, modern interfaces built on top of industry-leading technology – namely Google Cloud and Tableau – to simplify data science processes.

Brainstation's Explore Data Analyst is tailored for professionals that are passionate about data, who are looking to maximize big data analytics solutions with Python programming. This online program provides you with an introduction to Python coding.

There are many other courses offered by Brainstation which are very useful in your career. These courses are great because the tuition-fee is very reasonable. Therefore people around the world are benefiting from Brainstation. There are other sites as well that are offering helpful courses like Flatiron school, a site that is well-reputed but their tuition fee is very high thus, most people can’t afford to use it. Pluralsight is another competitor; they also offer programming learning online. But they do not have the range of courses as Brainstation has.


Brainstation has built a reputation for being the destination of choice for top digital industry employers. With flexible boot camp programs for both beginners and seasoned pros alike, industry-specific career coaching, certificate training courses, part-time boot camps, in-house learning, boot camp scholarships, online courses, custom boot camp consulting services, active career fairs in 6 cities across Canada, one-on-one support from an admissions team with over 30 years in the digital industry, and a diverse mix of full-time workplace mentors you'll be in good hands when you join Brainstation. Having so many opportunities we must say that Brainstation really is worth it in 2021.

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