Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Jeremy Kallowitz
February 20, 2024

Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review - Is It Worth It?

Christina Aguilera is one of the world's best-selling artists with over 75 million records sold worldwide. She is known not only as a singer but as an actor and songwriter as well. Her works have given her not one but five Grammy Awards as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her singing has given her fame all around the world, not just in America.

With the aim to teach her enthusiastic fans and aspiring singers a thing or two about vocals, Christina has launched singing lessons through MasterClass.

MasterClass is a platform on which renowned and experienced celebrities from different fields share their knowledge and wisdom with the masses. In a series of pre-recorded videos, related workbooks and interactive assignments, these individuals teach their viewers what they are good at.

Christina Aguilera's MasterClass:

In her first ever online class, Christina teaches her pupils the unique vocal techniques she uses while singing and different ways to widen your vocal range.

Lesson Plan:

Over the course of 23 lessons that are 3.5 hours long in total, Christina Aguilera teaches different vocal techniques on her terms. In her introductory lesson, she asks you to forget what you know about vocals so far and learn with her anew. She talks about her inspiration as a singer and songwriter and tells viewers what great singers in history had in common.

After a thorough warm up lesson where Christina tells you to treat your vocal cords just like any other muscle in your body and keep exercising and stretching it to improve your vocals, she moves on to explain how to treat your voice better so that it can last long.

Later in her lessons, Christina not only talks about the different vocal techniques but about the music industry as a fraternity and how to break into it. She doesn’t sugarcoat what it takes to become a recognized vocalist with skills like no other.

Christina Aguilera's lesson plan covers everything from vocal techniques to different texture and tones of your voice suitable for different genres.

Access to Christina's MasterClass:

To access Christina’s MasterClass, you just have to buy a single access pass worth $90 that will allow you to learn through pre-recorded video lessons and workbooks with various interactive assignments.

You can also buy an all-access pass worth $180 that will give you access to not only Christina’s lesson but also any other classes that you like.

Is it worth it?

Taking out $180 or $90 from your bank to pay for an online class can put a dent in your savings, after all it is a hefty sum of money. So, naturally you’ll wonder if it’s really worth it.

Let me assure you that every penny you spend on this lesson will be returned to you ten folds in terms of knowledge. Learning from the vocal champion herself is an opportunity that no singer should miss. The various vocal techniques that Christina teaches her pupils surely make them a better vocalist when they are done with her MasterClass.


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