Curious World Review For 2024 Is it worth it for your child?

Jeremy Kallowitz
March 18, 2024

Curious World Review For 2024 Is it worth it for your child?


Curious World is an online mastering application that can be easily accessed from a smartphone. It is a program which  allows  people to exchange information. Online learning gives opportunities to those students who don't have access to a real world physical classroom. Today we are going to review the Curious world application. Through this review you will get to know about this app, it’s ease of use and its effectiveness for learning.

What's it about?

CURIOUS WORLD - Early Learning Games Videos and Books For Kids is a large database of original and licensed videos, eBook’s, and learning games. Kids can read these books on their own and by playing the interactive games. Curious World has a complete package of various styles of activities to entertain & teach the children. They also suggest craft activities from videos.

Is It Any Good?

This website's videos, books, songs, and simple friendly games are available for children and it covers a wide range of topics, but there's still room for improvement. The books are great. They're engaging with full-colours and actual printed books that are presented in digital format. Infants can read this by themselves and can easily highlight that text which is read by them.

Curious world’s videos present nice, musical world of songs, stories, adventures, and craft ideas to do at home.

What Parents Need To Know About Curious World?

The main thing that parents need to know about Curious World is that by getting a subscription to it you can get access to early learning games, books, videos for children with constant updates and new content including videos, games and eBooks.

This application works on WI-FI or cellular data. Limited content is available on a free trial. After getting a subscription of monthly or yearly you will get access to all features. Before subscription, you can get a free 30-day trial to check out the amazing games, videos etc. in it. By getting subscriptions parents will be able to track their child's progress through the activities.

In this app, kids are allowed to choose their learning skills from these eight life key skills.

  • Video games about science
  • Video games about Math
  • Language & literacy
  • Executive function, memory video games for children & problem solving
  • Creative expression along with arts, crafts, video games.
  • Social & emotional development
  • Safety, community & family
  • Kids health & wellness

Why You Need to Learn With Curious world?

This application provides you hours of entertainment time with a lot of pre-school video games, books & videos. It is actually designed to deliver a playful material to Pre-kindergarten.

It helps you to increase children's academic knowledge & necessary life skills. In this application, content is based on age, so this app grows along with your child. In the father and mother’s dashboard, you can monitor what your infants are learning from the app. Through the app, you can access your favourite Curious World kindergarten games & books offline as well.

There are multiple apps for preschoolers, but I think this is the best! The videos are educational and entertaining and it has some quite catchy songs about the given topics such as vehicles, space, animals, health etc.

Is the Curious World app easy to use?

Preschool age and younger children will now no longer struggle to find appropriate content. The content material is classified cleanly with activities or topic style. Parents can use this app to increase the quantity of material that they could share with their children. As with the audio stories, they have a choice if they want to read it like an ordinary book instead.

There is also another online learning app called Agnitus. Agnitus is all about the tangible learning experience. In a world where kids are not allowed to touch things, the Agnitus app says: “Yes! Please touch!” Infants can trace numbers, learn about colours, size relationships, consonants, read books and more, all on a mobile or tablet.

Although there are a lot of age-appropriate learning content, and the challenge level grows with each kid's progress, there are some overall usability and design issues, and a few games are confusing. It is does not provide that much material as compared to the curious world app.

Despite some design and usability issues, the learning content and solid levelling system could make it worth a try.


This app is for parents who want to fuel their kid’s curiosity, and want to enhance their academics & build lifelong learning skills.

Parents who are much less creative will be pleased to discover craft activities in the Curious World app to help their children engage with something that doesn't contain a screen. Together, parents and infants can make something and in addition will learn while having fun.

With a lot of content material, the Curious World app has to download it on demand. The parental section has a beneficial choice to preselect material  from a store in the device when no network connection is available.

In this regard, to check if her or his child is using their full potential or not, parents can see how much time their infants are spending on every  activity. No doubt, upon completing our Curious World app review we give it thumbs up!

If you`re seeking out academic activities, learning with fun and together with your toddlers. Then Curious app/ website is best choice for you and for your infants.

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